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They didn't... think of that? Everything about this reeks even beyond the fraud.

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With the heist they couldn't do a 100% genuine practice run. It was a one-opportunity event.

That's why experience is so crucial in any activity. Yes you can learn all the theory and game out scenarios but during a real event, that first time, surprises and glitches come at you...often its timing. Events unfold much faster or slower than 'practiced'. Or you've timed it out perfectly--and yr right in the middle of the important event then BAMM--you've got to go to the toilet--or BAMM yr phone rings loudly and you fumble to find it and turn off.--or BAMM the front tyre on yr getaway car is mysteriously flat! Just because yr a crook doesn't mean its all smooth sailing.

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My sister is convinced that it was just an oopsie doopsie manual typing entry that was corrected. No fraud here because it was just an error correction. Riiiigggghhhht

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Ask your sister - does she think, in 2020, there are armies of clerks manually typing in vote tallies all night long for the networks to broadcast?

If she tries to say it probably came directly from the reporting precinct, ask her if she really thinks a voting tabulation for President can be “oopsie daisied” by 20K votes for the wrong candidate?

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There are hundreds of these that happened through the night.

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Ok. But there are tons of other examples. It seems like most of it is circumstantial evidence which does the trick in Court. Y just need lots of it to tie in. Which they have.

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Exactly why we can’t let them get away with it this time, otherwise they’ll only get better and bolder.

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Not to mention the exact amount that were takin from Trump were added to biden 19,958

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The fraud literally can't get any more obvious.

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LiTeRaLlY nO EvIdEnCe

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they didnt need to be smart because they know they will never be arrested

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I think you are correct (unfortunately). I just don’t see anything happening, if nothing has happened yet. It’s been over 3 weeks. It’s been 24 days. Nothing solid has happened yet. All the memes, and catch phrases and “neat words” that I keep seeing over, and over, and over on this site don’t mean anything.

I keep hearing the same things: I’m a “doomer”, “this takes time”, “we’ve already won”, “trust the plan”, “we’ve got this ‘pedes’”, etc., etc...

Can anyone show me or tell me one single thing that has been changed in any of this fraud? Tuesday will officially be four weeks since the election took place. The video above (among so many other things) provides evidence of what took place and the manipulation that unfolded.

I keep looking here day after day, and it’s the same shit. Are we going to be reading things like “Breaking”, “Boom”, “ a judge in key swing states..., blah, blah, blah” in January, and still believe that the election is going to get overturned?

I am losing hope because I have seen this same shit unfold for the past two decades and it just seems to continue to go as planned.

Deny it all you want, but has anything ever happened to any of these corrupt, disgusting pieces of shit, who lie everywhere throughout the federal government? Any arrests ever made for these traitors, regardless of what kind of physical evidence is uncovered? I mean, these bastards have been caught in lie after lie, and nothing ever happens. I just think this is false hope to believe that anything is going to result in the courtrooms or in the SCOTUS. I think that too many folks here are not facing the dark reality of the US justice system. The system wants Trump out of the White House, and I believe that system is just too overpowering and too far reaching.

I am not saying that all hope is lost or that we as conservative patriots are not prepared for what may soon unfold. But thinking that the Supreme Court of the United States is going to change the results of the 2020 US election and give the presidency back to Trump and take it away from Biden is just folly. It’s a pipe dream. It doesn’t matter what the rule of law says or what the constitution says. The SCOTUS is not going to reverse this.

Why not, you ask? What has happened to any single person in the past five years who has been involved (directly or indirectly) in trying to overthrow the sitting US president? Absolutely nothing. The system is too big, and there are too many soulless individuals (lawyers and judges) who are willing to lie, corrupt, manipulate, meddle, cheat, steal, argue and cautiously coverup using legalese the truth about the rule of law.

This will not get overturned in the SCOTUS ( unfortunately). Just try saying it out loud “the US Supreme Court is going to rule in favor of Donald Trump and the GOP and take the election away from Joe Biden and the Democrats“. Say it out loud. Do you, yourself, really believe what you are saying? Has recent history given you any indication that this is a possibility?

This is a pessimistic post. But good things like this just don’t happen in the US political world anymore. Trump’s 2016 victory was the last shining hope that the country was allowed to see. If/when the SCOTUS rules against MAGA, and if/when the left cheats and steals the runoff elections in GA and attain permanent majority in the House and Senate, it’s over. There will never be a fair election again in this country, unless the entire system is altered , and altered dramatically.

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You're thinking too small. This isn't just about if Trump gets to be president again or not. This is about the future of the Republic. You need to understand that if they can get away with this, what we see right in front of our eyes, they will keep doing it. Forever. That's why we have to keep fighting.

America is a beacon of freedom and democracy for people around the whole world. I know it doesn't seem like it, when we're surrounded by spoiled people who lived here their whole lives. But people all around the world look to America as a shining example of how government can actually work. If you give up now, you gave up before the fight was even over!

I don't know if SCOTUS will overturn the results or if there will be faithless electors or what is going to happen. It's not why I'm here. No offense, but people smarter than you and me are in those fights. We have a different role--to shitpost, meme, and make fun of normies, along with any other way we can help.

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I think that at this point if it was one state SCOTUS would be realistic. But with 2 weeks left it’s going to come down to state legislatures deciding to reject the “election results”. PA is about to send their own electors most likely. If not, 3 senators could nullify 3 states results and have a contingent election, which Trump would win.

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Dude calm down on the wal of text. I’m here to MAGA. Not to read a wall of you crying. Grow a set for the good of humanity. You sound like a real pussy.

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They normally probably have enough votes coming in for their candidate to make it look legit. The blowout of an evening required they take from Trump as the predetermined amount to flip wasn’t enough...

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They didn't care. A Biden win was never their goal. That's why they ran that farce of a campaign, and why the cheating and fraud are so clumsy and obvious.

They didn't cheat to win. They cheated to get caught.

They want chaos, breakdown, civil war. This is how $oros et al. have operated in every country they've tried to take down.

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I don't think they were expecting Trump to absolutely run away with the election like he did, my guess is they panicked and scrambled last second.

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We saw their switch "glitch" and the MSM couldn't cover for their shit and was in fact exposing it in real time because they couldn't outpace Trump votes. Enter kill switch water main break fake in GA. Enter phase 2 of the steal

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And thats why all the newsmedia eventually all had different “tallies” at different times.

Some noticed others didn’t..

What a joke.

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It's why they scrubbed the full coverage videos from YouTube

Can't have that evidence out in the open for everybody to see

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Lol the normies are playing catchup.

But at least they're waking up.

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They have been playing ketchup with us for at least 5 years already.

Anyone here is weeks ahead of them. And has been for a long time.

When normies start to get close, there's major happenings.

TheEmoEngineer 21 points ago +22 / -1

Anyone here is weeks ahead of them

Weeks is an understatement. Months at the very least.

Between hanging out here and listening to stuff like Crowder, Black Pigeon, Tim Pool, etc. in addition to hanging out here I feel like I've been cursed with the ability to stay on the cutting edge of what's happening in the world at the cost of my own sanity and productivity.

When normies start to get close, there's major happenings

We'll see if that holds true over the next month.

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Great observation. Yes we are months ahead of normies sometimes years in the case of Russia bs. I've quit questioning my sanity and come to grips with everything and now I'm just pissed. What they did Nov 3rd will go down in the history books and be quite possibly the greatest stain on the Republic to date. Also, if negative productivity is possible, I've been negatively productive since September leading up to the election lol

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Trump went down 19,958 Biden went up 19,958

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Might as well be the smoking gun.

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Also Biden's votes go up by 20K.

Dominion counting ballots like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2YcmJgTKDc

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the normies are denying reality because they're afraid of what this may mean

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This. The implications of what they are seeing is too much.

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the problem is that liberals will HAPPILY give up free and fair elections forever just to get rid of orange man

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You have a normie wife? Wanna trade? Cause mine is a gun toting, reminding me everyday that I will never leave her kinda a gal. LMAO

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God the Bolsheviks in those comments deserve a seat inside an iron maiden.

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Explains why all networks deleted their coverage from the innernet

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Smoking gun.

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This imo should be Exhibit A in Trump's case. There is no way they can explain this that will make sense.

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They'll just say it was an oopsie, darned intern put the votes in the wrong column

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Yeah this is absolutely unexplainable

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They'll just make something up like, "the data became corrupted somewhere down the line and lead us to projecting the wrong results. What you saw was just us fixing the mistake."

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The dude does NOT abide.

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This aggression can not stand, man.

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That’s like, your opinion man!

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This is what I really thought was the smoking gun!! And it kind of faded away..... This fucking proves it and I've heard absolutely NO EXPLANATION of it!! Not even an attempted explanation!!!! They just wanted it to go away and we can't let it!!!! We need to put this EVERYWHERE every single day!!!! With #stopthesteal

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CNN is deleting these like crazy archive this

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I saw this video on Parler, and then copied it to my Instagram (click link). It's not my original video, so I can't vouch for it, so hopefully it's legit and I'm not sharing a lie. It shows 113,870 being erased from Trump's PA total. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHcUbXFgHdd/?igshid=gk6lehwtv5rv

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Guys, it was only a computer glitch. Calm down.

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dominion for ya switching votes

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Stealing the election out in the open is a demoralization strategy. They want to hammer home the point that they can do anything with no consequences. The only way to stop this behavior is to ensure that there ARE consequences.

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Im so pissed I didnt DVD the Fox version of the corruption when I watched the fraud live. I switched to OAN that night

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Here's YouTube links to Fox's Election night footage split into 4 parts-





I'm also adding torrent magnet links to CNN and MSNBC-

Magnet link for CNN's footage-


Magnet link for MSNBC's footage


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Someone should respond to that tweet that the 20K votes didn’t disappear they went to creepy joe. I would but I deleted my Twitter acct in 2015 during the last election because of how disgusting the site was. One of the Best decision I’ve made because it only got worse. Waaaaaay worse.

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It's like watching a really bad magic trick. The fast talking and hand waving is to keep your eye off where the action is taking place.

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They didn't just disappear from Trump. They were taken from Trump and ADDED to Biden.

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That would make a great sitcom show, "My Normie Wife." :)

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"where did it come from?"

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Oh look, Biden goes up from 1,252k to 1,272k as Trump loses 20k

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Ah, the ol’ switcheroo.

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Welcome to the party, pal. Refreshments are in the kitchen. Not your maid, so clean up after yourself and enjoy!

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They have no explanation. And certainly no excuses. Except to once again respectfully remind the Council viewers that they're working from clues based on ancient cosmological models, predating Aristotle Joe Biden.

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Only just over three weeks behind.

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Liberals: "Its so racist you would even ask me to explain it that I won't even validate your racism (and sexism) by giving you an answer."

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....and biden went up 20k!!