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“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”

Nobody has called him out on that statement above.....he needs to be brought in by DoD and questioned! He admitted to treason!!!!

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Dems always get to paraphrase a speaker's intent and that becomes their 'truth.' Look at the hatchet 'paraphrase' that bastard Pencilneck did on what Trump told Zelensky; he repeatedly lied in the halls of Congress to support an impeachment. But in the case of Joe, Dems rush in to tell us what he 'meant' to say. I think even Republicans gave Joe a pass and filled in the blanks for him because they know he suffers from TIA's, senility, or worse. Nancy's mumbles are a close second.

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I unironically think he may not be cognizant of most of his actions. He could be a hollow shell operated remotely and it wouldn't surprise me. We gotta destroy him all the same.

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It should have been the end right then and there!!

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