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I’m from France. This election has really opened my eyes. I simply had not grasped the level of tyranny exercised by the media, big tech etc. I’m doing my share too. I’ve contacted your Senators, have explained that POTUS victory meant victory for us too, that our future and freedom depend on yours (I truly believe it) and that they have to fight and stand with us. I have thanked judges, even though they are only doing their jobs. I have thanked Mo Brooks and Tommy Tuberville. I speak to people, show them times when the media conveyed fake news. Not all care to listen but some do. I have registered on Twitter, thought I’d be a digital soldier, but got banned (you can say things like “Trump won!” but you can’t state facts and the Constitution - the irony if it, I know-, or your account gets restricted, so I’ve abandoned that pathway. I have also registered with a political party and have given money to it too. I’m doing my share as you’re all doing. It’s a fight worth fighting. It is tiring and time-consuming but when I kiss my son goodnight, I know that I owe it to him to fight, so that his world is a good one to live in as a future teenager and an adult. I’ll see you tomorrow in the morning. Keep up the good fight. Good night, pedes.

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Ça ira.