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The most important thing people can do right now is find a good woman, or man, and start a family. However dating sites/apps are so cucked beyond reason that they shadowban conservatives so you can't make connections.

I live in a state run by Demonrats and going outside or socializing is all but forbidden. Even if it wasn't, finding a good woman in the wild in a largely blue state is nearly impossible.

When starting a family and having kids is probably the most important thing we can do right now for the future of the country... why isn't there a bigger emphasis on it here?

I know this site is probably 90% guys, but if we put our heads/skills together, I have a feeling we can make something that would attract people from all over the internet of both genders.

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Dude I'm very happy you bring this up because very few people have mentioned your problems, and I have no one else to share this observation: the dating apps are PC as fuck. Some of them waste precious screen space in the dating profile to say if the bachelorette supports BLM or to indicate her pronouns. Made me want to avoid the app for a long time.