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ThyPowerToSave 325 points ago +391 / -66

He was not ten steps ahead this election. It sucks, but let's face it, he was not prepared. He has known about election fraud for years and years and it seems he did very little to monitor these large metro areas where the shady dealings went on.

It's not entirely his fault. We have intelligence analysts and investigators out the ass, and it appears that nothing will happen. I just want a REPORT that confirms or denies these allegations. I want an AUDIT of the ballots and voting machines. I read the report from Antrim County. Since nothing came of that, I think we can safely conclude our government can't be bothered to protect the vote. PROVE the vote was accurate, and people will accept the results. As it stands now, it appears the uniparty succeeded and will continue to screw the people. Unless this changes, I am not voting in another federal election