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We are looking for Pro-Trump Patriots to work for us! https://rumble.com/vcpcer-wanted-god-fearing-patriots.html


Effective today Jan. 11th, 2021, Public Advocate will no longer be in the streets of Washington DC for the short term.

This is an updated job offer for today based on recent events. Join us to defend Faith, Family and Freedom. And Fight Big-Tech Censorship and those that want to destroy the USA.

Come work for us! We will be defending the principles that made our country great.

Public Advocate has been leading the struggle for religious liberty since 1981 (that is 40 years!) both online, with petitions, amicus briefs at the Supreme Court and with creative political theater:

EXAMPLE: Public Advocate celebrates today the President Trump's embrace of pro-family policies with a balloon launch with the words "Make the Family Great Again" https://youtu.be/jUcXKuztNDg

We are looking for civic minded American citizens who want to be a promoter of pro-family values, to continue fighting the good fight for Faith, Family and freedom.

This is a paid-by-project position. Up to $25 per hour, per project. This will be public just not in Washington DC at this time. Apply by emailing your resume to [email protected] or call our office at 703-845-1808.