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The tone of this post kind of oscillates between owning up to the bullshit I said and coming off as being so self important that anyone would remember the bullshit I said but I feel like I owe the people who rightfully pointed out that the election could be stolen an apology. I was one of the morons responding to your posts saying "Stop being a doomer! Trump will take care of it!"

It'll likely be years until we ever get the real account of what happened, if we ever do, but it just did not pan out the way I asserted it would. I thought that the SCOTUS precedent on mail in ballots being required to be in by election day would stop the Democrats from cheating but apparently our entire judiciary doesn't give a flying fuck about the law. We've entered total totalitarianism now. I'm probably going to leave TheDonald at this point because it's just not healthy for me to see everything that's going on and know how fradulent and unfair it is. I can't get back into the swing of "Look at what those Democrats did now!" I'm not very mentally well right now and I need some time away from the fight.

I want to thank all of the mods who made this fantastic community and all of the patriots who fought SIDE BY SIDE with Trump's legal team to expose the voter fraud. It is proven that Trump's legal team was using evidence FOUND BY THEDONALD in their fight, so we were as much in this battle as they were. Unfortunately, we don't have a country anymore, so all of that meant nothing. Stay strong, you guys are older than me (I'm 21) so you've probably already had your "election loss blues." This is the first election I've witness being stolen so I have to find some coping mechanisms now.

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I see where you’re coming from and understand why you are making this post but I see it as you are someone who still believed in law and order or that justice would prevail. Nothing is owed from you

The Qoomers are the ones I still worry about. I don’t demand or expect an apology from them. Some of them have now moved the goalposts beyond what I thought

I predicted they would say that Biden would need to be president and that the military was gonna take him and his cronies in, and some did

I did not, however, foresee what popped up today or yesterday; whenever it was

Some of them are now saying that Biden copped a plea and took the presidency so that HE could round up the Deep State under cover

You’re all good, OP. We will live to fight another day, hopefully

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If you add “what if” to the beginning of every W posts, it makes it a lot of fun

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My brother, no need to apologize. We all feel asleep at the wheel. Whatever the case may be, keep your chin up... We're depending on you young bucks to carry the MAGA movement going forward.

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All is good, never apologize for your passion, passion is a good thing and I wish I was 21 and had that kind of Passion. Not all is lost, we still need to fight on. Thank God Washington never gave up, 8 years struggling when all seamed lost he managed to find that passion to keep going. Be Washington ! we need to work together and save our freedoms for the future generations.

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Understandable. Be safe. Stay away from the MSM news. Take up something interesting like photography or a trade like electrical engineering. You could always do what I did and buy a stack of Manga from a second-hand store like Bookoff. Find out what weeaboo stuff you've missed out on lately.

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We have not entered totalitarianism. We have always been there. We only just now noticed. They used to be able to hide it easily with total control of the media, false choices between controlled politicians, but social media and the Trump election now briefly gave us a view behind the curtain.

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Christ this is so true

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This is another postulate that needs to be etched into everyone's consciousness.

nate 5 points ago +5 / -0

Take your time, bro. We need everyone pulling together so heal up quick and get back in the fight!

ciemPepe 4 points ago +4 / -0

Fren, take a break and get closer to God then you will see that everything will be fine because he is in control we might not like the way things go but we know that God has already won.

Take care, wish you well

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I feel like if Obama hadn't opened their eyes, nothing will.

We won. People do not need convincing. Trump won in a LANDSLIDE. I'm thinking 400+ electoral votes win.

He had it stolen. A 800k vote lead in Pennsylvania was stolen in front of our eyes. Every institution that I thought Trump had repaired in his first four years turns out to be the same shit hole it was before Trump entered office. I'm done trying to convince leftists. I'm simply going to meet them with the same vitriol they met me when Trump was in office.

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??????Praying for you??????

Desensitized 3 points ago +3 / -0

Take all the break you need, even forever, but there are 23 state governments that are Republican trifectas -- governor and both houses --- so the fight is not over.

We will fight for you or with you, your choice.

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I don't wanna be dead weight. It'll be with me

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God I hope it does

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You are getting excellent advice. Shut everything off and take a break. Many of us have had to step away to get some mental clarity. Millions of people are suffering because of this - you are not alone. So take all the time you need to get to a better place, and then come back when you are ready. We will never stop fighting, but we need everyone to be strong mentally and physically - take the time you need for yourself now. God speed!

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Take a break for a while, turn off all the news, learn a new skill, and get your energy back. There's not a whole lot we can do right now, but not all hope is lost.

Over the next few years we need to engage locally, and take over the Republican party, or support the Patriot Party. Voting does still matter, this fraud was preventable, but Rinos stabbed us in the back.

Keep your head up and take a break, just like Trump is now. We will be here when you are ready.