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PotatoJoe 234 points ago +235 / -1

This is about Warren Buffet and his trains moving oil. The pipeline was going to cut off his destructive, polluting cash cow. He paid for his part of the fraud, now he wants to collect

elvisbird 111 points ago +111 / -0

100% correct. Now we can have train derailment again with explosions.

Hshsvsvsvsv 105 points ago +106 / -1

Reminder that liberals also campaigned against Green energy like nuclear power

Nuclear power is safe and clean and the only realistic alternative to oil and fossil fuels..

Liberals campaigned against it because their special interests wanted them to..

Wahzuhbee 27 points ago +27 / -0

My most successful red-pilling experiences are all around asking green-oriented liberals why they don't push for nuclear power. It's literally the solution they're looking for but their corporate propaganda keeps their eyes off of it and gives them a reason to dislike it.