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citizenmoon 18 points ago +24 / -6

Of course. The Democrats will never let anything bad happen to Globohomo. Who else will fund their crusade against people of European ancestry?

Hunter1970 37 points ago +40 / -3

My dad has sat in silence and obscurity for 50 years. I ask him why he let the country go to shit, he says he couldn't have done anything.

He sold.

citizenmoon 24 points ago +26 / -2

LOL! I made a bit of money to add to the pile so I can eventually start a business and make it policy and procedure to never hire anyone even remotely suspected of being a BLM woke leftist.

Social media background checks ftw

Hunter1970 18 points ago +19 / -1

I filled an ammo can. "Just in case". He said that'll never accomplish anything, you need to vote.

I asked him how the country went to shit. He said he's just one vote, come on man!

citizenmoon -6 points ago +4 / -10

What are you even talking about lmao. Going postal on the Democrat donor class?

Losing money because some brainwashed racist woke democrat voting retards on the cesspool of the internet are delusional is not how you change anything.

Dracomax 1 point ago +1 / -0

I wouldn't blame him too much. When the internet was not available, and the MSM was better at gaslighting, It was a lot easier to keep people demoralized and isolated. and back 50 years ago, the people who led the country off the cliff were advocating things that didn't sound so bad. Equal treatment for women and people of color during a time when it actually was a problem. safeguards for the poor. The problem was that these things were just the inch you give before they take a mile.

and they were more subtle about the means they used. They learned from the mafia how dangerous getting to violent and to obvious too quickly was. they infiltrated the schools, and the government quietly, and changed things slowly so that people like your father didn't notice how hot the water was getting.

But now they are panicking. now they are having to be more and more overt, because we have the internet. we have people who see, and can talk to each other. We know we are not alone, and that terrifies them. Because the one thing they can't control is a connected, red-pilled populace that sees their shit and wants none of it. That is why they try so hard to reframe everything we do s terrible, and everything their extremist terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa do as justified and good.

But first, we have to help those like your father who have had 50 years of abuse, gaslighting, and learned helplessness. because just like abused spouses, abused citizens need help and time to learn to stand on their own again.

MAGA_MEXICAN_CHILI 3 points ago +3 / -0

The first "Panic" was when good ole Joe MacCarthy was investigating the State Department for commies. Eventually his investigations started to ping people you wouldn't think had any connections. Like celebrities, businessmen, newscasters and academia all had weird ties of separation to the U.S government in some shape or form. I mean we did bring over a bunch of socialists in Operation Paperclip because we wanted to 'fight the commies' without realizing that we were brining actually commies. Russia did a great disinfo campaign with the Help of the Frankfort School to separate Nazism and Communism into this Far right vs Far Left ideology (tl;dr they are the same, fruit from the Marxist tree).

So they had to get rid of Joe so the people in media (movies and news) gaslit the country. They said that Joe was going too far, that he was 'silencing the opposition' (does the playbook sound familiar?) to the point that Joe was pretty much forced out of the Senate. He knew too much and these elements went on to align themselves with the Commies who fed them money through shell companies. The Chinese now are using the same playbook, except our 'betters' now see they can make a dollar off that. So they do the same spin, the 'far right' socalists blame the jews, the communist blame the bankers, the far left socialists blame the 'racists'. They got the right gaslight scripts because its all about the hustle and making money through victimsplaining. That sticker that is in front of Capitalism is starting to peel off, underneith is the first half of Communism. It started on the social side first, now its just crept into the political side. People can decry their specified 'enemies' all they want but its an ideology that's the root. All because two lazy ass Germans decided that a bunch of Lazy French ideas were good.

RonJoner 4 points ago +4 / -0

I understand taking the money

But the goal is to collapse citadel and funds like it. It’s the ONE issue that unites left and right: rigged markets.

Those funds own the markets and they own the economy and they pay lower taxes than you because they own the government. Citadel makes billions by front-running trades, electronically.

Is one trade gonna bring them down?

Actually, yes. One trade cleared GME at $2600. At that price and higher, citadel will have to fire - sale their assets to cover the short (this process is involuntary - the bank just does it) and since citadel is probably leveraged, that’s the end for them.

Getting some sunlight on this issue is a good start.