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And it is called fucking DOGECOIN. Yes, a crypto that sounds like a bad meme is absolutely crushing it because it is becoming a facebook meme.

The plan is to get it to over 1$ and right now it's only at around 6-7 cents.


I know this isnt WSB but god damn I didn't want you all to feel left out.

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100% agree bro. It is not something I ever do or that I'd I'd reccomended... normally.

Right now? Everyone is going hard trying to be part of the next big thing. It's gone from .007 to around .08 in 24 hours.


I do work for my friend on the side and I don't do it for money. He called me and told me about this, and I said he could put my payment into dogecoin. It's been a smart decision and even if I lose all of it? I don't care at all. I'll sell if it hits .5, otherwise hold and see how far we can go