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And it is called fucking DOGECOIN. Yes, a crypto that sounds like a bad meme is absolutely crushing it because it is becoming a facebook meme.

The plan is to get it to over 1$ and right now it's only at around 6-7 cents.


I know this isnt WSB but god damn I didn't want you all to feel left out.

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I learned that you need a "wallet", and there are many types, and you need to pick the right one from the right site to download that. Then you need an account on multiple coin exchange sites, and they ask for your social security number, copies of bills in your name, etc to prove your identity. Then you have to buy bitcoin using dollars. Then you use the bitcoin to buy dogecoins. I never figured out how to convert dogecoins to dollars. It is still a little too complicated for me, requiring me to trust too many faceless entities with my social security number and other identifying information.

Do I have the overall steps right? I started the process, and then cancelled the effort once I saw that coinbase and binance were asking for extra documents to prove my identity. Is that normal?

Do you convert your dogecoins to dollars? Is that easy to do? How do you cash out?