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RedditIsCommunist 1 point ago +1 / -0

We knew this would happen. As soon as the oligarchs regain power we knew they’d attempt power grabs because they were already promoting those power grabs many months before the election via the democrats: abolish electoral college, create new states, pack Supreme Court, others I can’t remember right now. And before the election states did illegal stuff to bias the election outcome and enable fraud.

The time for Republican politicians to fight was the election fraud situation, and they didn’t seem to realize it or just surrendered to the press-controlled violent mob and didn’t care. Judges seem to have done the same thing.

The main thing that democrat voters need to understand is that the democrats are just the easiest route to seizing power since they’re supported by academia, the press, and big tech. You’d think people might notice a historical pattern repeating here but apparently most people still don’t.