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It's a very simple formula:

  1. Identify an assumption that lefites and normies make.
  2. Find find evidence that destroys the assumption.
  3. Spread the news.

Step 2 is super easy because the current smear campaign is FULL of examples:

  • ASSUMPTION: We can trust big tech to always be ethical. FACT: Google removed 100K negative reviews for Robinhood's app in the app store.
  • ASSUMPTION: Elizabeth Warren fights for the little guy. FACT: She wants to have regulations that prevent future meme stocks campaigns.
  • ASSUMPTION: The claims ever made of Russian bots are true, and proven with evidence. FACT: Media is blaming the campaign on Russian bots.
  • ASSUMPTION: Lefty media is a saint, and not influenced by the elites. FACT: Their pundits keeps trying to smear the plebe investors.
  • And the list goes on...


I keep preaching this advice: It's easier to red pill someone by using very little background info. That's why the best red pill stories involve the lefty/normie reading just one news articles about an event.

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I think this is a great idea. You would want to start off small at first though, else you may drive then away, depending on how blue-pilled they are.