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That Newsmax clip with Mike Lindell was actually a huge red pill. The media is supposed to find answers, seek the truth, and report the news. They are supposed to be inquisitive and curious by nature, probe and ask questions. If someone states that they have proof of a crime, the media should want to at least hear the evidence and let people exercise their free speech. Due to their extreme liberal bias though, the media tries to confirm or debunk the stories which they selectively choose to report. The reaction from Newsmax was actually much more disturbing: immediately cutting him off, talking over him, reading a statement from a propaganda script. Perfect example of “thou doth protest too much.” Remember all the ridiculous accusations that Trump stole the election in 2016 and of course all the Trump Russia collusion bullshit? They babbled on and on about that 24/7 for years. And no one batted an eye let alone tried to censor anyone. The media actually encouraged it. So now on top of reporting fake news, they are censoring and erasing real news. Welcome to 1984 World.

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Social media companies treat election integrity questions like a crime, too.

It means we're OVER THE TARGET