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All of you are doing an amazing job and making this site a wonderful safe haven from Big Tech. I am sure you get hundreds of requests a day, but one thing I have seen on TDW over and over is people wanting Made in the USA products.

I have seen several threads with links to stores, but I was wondering if we could have a community for people to post their USA businesses.

I myself do not own one...nor am I looking to promote one. I just want to buy stuff from my Motherland. I'm tired of shopping for clothes and seeing Chinas name.

Updoot if you would like to see something like this.

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I think it's a great idea. We could also call it consumerism. A group designed to 'show off' the purchases that they are happy with, preferably not made in China. Like another poster said earlier, I'm pretty okay with buying products from other countries. I think that we'd be pretty limited to just focus on things primariy made in the USA. There are so many fun things to buy elsewhere like from Japan, for example. My generation seems to have quite the fascination with their culture, especially with illustrated novels. So, yeah, I don't see a problem with 'celebrating' products from around the world.