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I’m reading it now, the extent of the communist infiltration of US Govt is mind-blowing. Many similarities to today.

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They also won’t let Windows or a lot of American technology into their infrastructure or government systems. Too many surveillance backdoors. Yet if Trump bans Huawei or TikTok its a problem.

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They introduced legislation that was supposedly going to be used to stop “foreign influence” in Australian politics, like the Confucius Institutes in the universities. That was a couple of years ago, and so far the legislation has only been used once - against the guy who organised the first Australian CPAC conference...... So no, we haven’t had any luck 😒

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It's worse today. The communists never left.

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Only multiplied like the cockroaches they are.

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McCarthy was right in 99% of his accusations....

Somehow the LEFT never mentions that!

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If anything, McCarthy was an optimist. :(

Diana West points out much of the same today, but is mostly ignored.

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McCarthy would be branded a "domestic terrorist" today by the commie left msm/big tech. The 1930s (not the 1960s) is when the commies (under FDR) started executing their gradual socialist take over of America. The fed had to take low hanging fruit at first (federal income tax, welfare, soup lines, free food, etc.) but once they were able to get the poorer people hooked to the fed handouts, it was easy to get them to vote in commies that promised to keep the free shit flowing and in turn would write laws to forever change the demographics of america (Ted Kennedy and immigration reforms.. rot in hell you drunk pos) and to take prayer out of school. We need 80 million Joe McCarthy's today.

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It’s a tough point for Americans to understand, and a tough pill to swallow, but we entered WW2 in order to promote the expansion of communism.

And it worked.

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Patton’s ghost enters the chat

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Even he got railroaded by the bureaucrats for not being communist enough. It’s a miracle Trump was elected at all.

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The more I’ve seen, the more I recognize that he didn’t get to go far enough.

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He was too much of a gentleman. Of course, had to dot every I and cross every "t." However, no matter what he did he would be chastised, so wish he had just brought a winnowing sword to that shower of corruption in DC.

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You always have to distrust documented history. The cancerous left have been changing history for hundreds of years. If it sounds stupid then it was probably rewritten by a leftist.

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Just like the capitol riot. They're trying to change history in real time. People 100 years from now might actually believe it was some 9/11 type event, and not just walking through the capitol and taking selfies.

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100 years from now this world will be in the 1000 years reign "Millennial Kingdom" of the one and only King of this universe, Jesus Christ.

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After 100 years to flatten the curve, of course.

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It is not for man to know what time brings.

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When the details of the Venona Project were released after the Cold War Joe was proven right.

Ever heard of the Venona Project in school? I wonder why?

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People still claim the Rosenbergs were innocent.

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So far, McCarthy has been 100% right, not one of his accusations have been proven false.

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We need another McCarthy. Man was way ahead of his time.

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One of DJTs good friends got started as McCarthy’s chief counsel.


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He ditched Roy though. No one is certain why but some suspect it was the ´gay cancer’ diagnosis.

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Same. I was taught that “McCarthyism” was a bad thing and that it was a dark time in America. I’m just glad I learned the truth on my own.

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As soon as Trebek died... Jeopardy went woke. It's like they were waiting to ruin this standard. I noticed it immediately, check out this from leftist Hollywood. https://patriots.win/p/11S13muQFF/so-tonight-jeopardy-trashed-this/c/

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They ruin anything they can get their hands on and they're actively working to get their hands on anything and everything.

Conservatives have to stop elevating these people where they can.

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He was right, and a later report vindicates him. He was easily >90% correct on commies. Note that the main reason why he was so accurate was due to the very unconstitutional spying on citizens that the J Edgar Hoover FBI was. They basically had files and dirt on everyone. McCarthys source was basically the FBI's own files.

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So far, McCarthy has been 100% right, not one of his accusations have been proven false.

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The late M. Stanton Evans wrote the definitive book on McCarthy, and there are hosts of videos on C-Span of him talking about how McCarthy was wronged and how badly people are misinformed. Also with historian John Earl Haynes who was aghast to find that the historians in academia were not even willing to look at the fact that commies were all over US admin during WWII and the CPUSA was Soviet stooges after the Venona transcripts were released.

But the thing is McCarthy wasn't the first one and arrived to the field much later in the 50s, while commies had infiltrated FDR admin to the point where American statecraft was an instrument of Soviet strategy( from Diana West's American Betrayal 2013 ) during WWII. FDR was the one who legitimized the USSR when the previous presidents had refused to do so.

Diana West's book really underscores the perfidy of what went on during WWII in US. You had agents of influence that were in every part of the government. One of the most amazing, and not that infamous, being Harry Hopkins who was basically FDR's right hand man( he was even called deputy President at the time ) and was the man who ran Lend-Lease. He sent Uranium and other atom bomb related materials to Soviets under Lend-Lease.

She also has written a new book 'The Red Thread'(2019) which is an inquiry into the backgrounds of people involved in Russiagate, and finding out how just many of them were commie-worshippers during their formative years and later.

She has been an unabashed Trump supporter from the start and thinks he's been the most anti-commie president of them all. You can check out lots of videos on youtube, for now, of her talking about her books and just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

As for the man himself, McCarthy wrote the book 'America's Retreat From Victory: The Story Of George Catlett Marshall'. America won the war, but somehow managed to lose the peace. The real reason being that commies did win.

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Him and the great General George S. Patton... true American heroes who knew the threat of communism and wanted to stomp it out before it could really take hold and they killed both of them for it...

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Communist Hollywood was just as involved as they are now

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Wish my parent’s generation believed him... oh how things would be different. Hang all commies

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The word "McCarthyism" became synonymous with hysteria and paranoia akin to witch hunts in the middle ages. It's yet another creepy, manipulative abuse of language by the left.

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To be fair, if McCarthy really were on a witch hunt, it would have been immoral. Keep that in mind as they witch hunt conservatives now that they're in power.

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Joe: "The federal government shouldn't be hiring active, undercover KGB agents."


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THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!

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I know some people who work in the State Dept. Can confirm. Commies.

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Thanks for posting this. Spot on !! I never bought the lefts smearing of McCarthy. He was a patriot!! Unfortunately, the commie infiltration was far more ingrained than he probably even knew. He only exposed the bad apples that the illuminati deemed ok to get rid of. The socialist / commie infiltration was started with the establishment of the Fed, socialism forced and inserted into American life by the planned Great Depression, tattooed into the Lefts soul during FDR, partially driven into secret by Eisenhower, but brought back with a vengeance with murder of JFK and full commie overdrive of LBJ.

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The Comments here give me Hope.

Yes, McCarthy was a HERO.

Read up on Diana West, especially "The Red Thread"

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I remember reading about him in school in the '80s and thinking the slant the teacher was taking (public school) was odd. Communism was bad and it was a threat. You could maybe criticize his methods but his point was valid.

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There were and are literal communist throughout our government. Sounds crazy, but not as crazy as it used to.

Read "Witness" by Whitaker Chambers. He was a member of the Communist underground in the 50's.

He worked with Alger his, who was high up in the State Department. Hiss travelled with FDR to Yalta, where they carved up Eastern Europe after WWII. He played a part Stalin gaining control over the Eastern bloc countries. Other infiltrators now known to have been communists worked to defeat Chang Ki-Schek and get Mao installed in China.

This is actual history, you can read about, but that has been sent down the memory whole by the MSM.

And don't forget that both Comey and Brennan - head of two of the most powerful agencies in the world - ones that effect regime change - both said they were communists "when they were young."

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Is there a book you can recommend on McCarthy, and this topic?

A lot of books are written by leftists that sympathize with leftists ideas, so hopefully someone can recommend a book that isn't written by a leftist.

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Someone above recomended "Blacklisted by History"

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This guy was far beyond his years. I was taught growing up he was a bad man. In hindsight this guy was a patriot

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Lion Ted should do this

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Fuck Ted.

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And if he has to accuse 2/3rds of the Senate?(The same amount necessary to expel him against the wishes of his constituents)

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He’s apready being accused of inserection

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Right up until a young prosecutor named Richard M. Nixon successfully prosecuted Alger Hiss, the left insisted McCarthy was just a fear mongering witch hunter and that it was just unfair attacks to claim commies had infiltrated all levels of our government. https://famous-trials.com/algerhiss/650-keyevidence

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Wish I still had the analog documentary on the systematic way McCarthy was set up to "freak out" in front of the news cams. McCarthy was a great man. The Bolshies infiltrated the Russian emigres fleeing the "revolution" massacres. The Romanoffs were punished ie executed for helping the American Navy back when - "limping" back from the Barbary Coast, I believe, feel free to correct the specific battle. Stalin colluded with Hitler. FDR colluded with Stalin. they broke Catholic Poland's back. They did not destroy her soul or spirit. They will not break the USA either.

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America is 85% communist now.

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He may have Stopped the Rockafeller plan in his time. He died at 48, three years after this trial, Alcoholism my ass. there are 60 year olds putting away more booze daily then his martini lunch.

I believe we should set the history record straight, Poland is under fire for something like this now. They just Won a court case that is being blocked by our Media-

The Holocaust memorial honored the 1.5 million Jewish that were killed in the Holocaust in WWII, but changed the Plaque in 1948 to include Russian Christians Brutally killed by Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia-. The problem with some of the more brutal photos of piles of naked men- was they were NOT circumcised. The Jewish in Germany were supporting the mass killing of ethnic Russian Christians in Bolshevik controlled Russia.


There is alot about our History, the MSM and elites think we are not good enough, smart enough, or deserving- to know. Yet, these same people live off us. It is time to cut them off.

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How true.

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Hint: These communists are funneled in through the Peace Corps.

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The Red Scourge is the scourgiest its ever been in the US. Strange that the Reds don't comprehend that the luxurious life (oddly, most US Reds are well-off, highly indoctrinated, woefully poorly educated in critical thinking, upper middleclass and above types) they bathe themselves in was brought to them by free market capitalism, and will be ripped away from most of them, if their rotten political fruits come to full form.

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He was 100% correct. State has been filled with commies since the FDR administration.

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To be fair, he was willing to do away with free speech in order to remove communists.

While he was well intentioned, his cure was itself toxic.

Probably if he had been more diplomatic in how he handled the issue we wouldn't be in this situation today.

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Communists aren't human and therefore don't have rights

Proda 4 points ago +6 / -2

Free speech has to be for all, you're making the same argument they make on the left basically, your speech is evil hence it should be banned.

You should prevent them from being able to exert power don't get me wrong, but they should be able to speak freely.

YaBoiJacob 9 points ago +9 / -0

But here's the thing, communists will stop at nothing to destroy everything we have accomplished over the past 243 years, and the reasons conservatives keep losing is because we refuse to treat the communist infiltrators with the seriousness they warrant. You can't have a debate with someone who literally wants you in a concentration camp because you made fun of dear leader biden

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Most people dont realize that banning ideas is authoritarian in nature. Regardless of what people believe. It is up to people to realize what is good and what is bad. The government should never have a say in this discussion. Its like people have forgotten that most basic principle this country was founded on.

Proda 1 point ago +1 / -0


Agreed 100%.

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So if the uneducated mob votes to "rescind" the bill of rights, because like most low iq fucking idiots they believe rights are a privilege derived from government. Then you would be ok with that suicide pact for the country?

To me the major failing of the founding fathers was not specifying that the bill of rights could not be used to destroy the bill or rights.

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[...] he [Joseph McCarthy] was willing to do away with free speech [...]


Proda 0 points ago +1 / -1

Alan Dershowitz, I'm trusting him on this one, he might be wrong but he has the same ideas I have on free speech, if he is wrong on this issue, then I am as well for trusting him too much and I'll assume responsibility for it.

somethinga9230k 2 points ago +2 / -0

[...] and I'll assume responsibility for it.

But... you're an anonymous internet user... how would you "assuming responsibility" for it be meaningful??.......................................................................................

Do you have a link to where Alan Dershowitz said something similar to that "[...] he [Joseph McCarthy] was willing to do away with free speech [...]" ?


Reg. Alan Dershowitz:

In 1995, Dershowitz served as the appellate adviser on the O. J. Simpson murder trial, part of the legal "Dream Team", alongside Johnnie Cochran and F. Lee Bailey.[10] Dershowitz was a member of the defense team for Harvey Weinstein in 2018[7] and for the impeachment trials of Donald Trump in 2020 and 2021.[6][3] He was a member of the legal defense team for Jeffrey Epstein and helped to negotiate a 2006 non-prosecution agreement on Epstein's behalf.[11]

[...] are trying to exploit the tragic and inexcusable death of George Floyd to level their [...]

Dershowitz is a strong supporter of gun control. He has criticized the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, saying that it has "no place in modern society".[104]

In February 2019, Judge Marra ruled that prosecutors had violated the Crime Victims Rights Act.[143] Giuffre filed a defamation lawsuit against Dershowitz, in April 2019, alleging he made "false and malicious defamatory statements" against her, such as accusing her of perjury. The lawsuit sought punitive damages and included the previous claims that Giuffre was sex trafficked to Dershowitz by Epstein.[144] Dershowitz stated that he would "prove without any doubt that she is lying about me. She is going to end up in prison."[145] In June 2019, he filed a motion to dismiss Giuffre's suit (which was later denied)[14] and a motion to disqualify David Boies' firm from representing her (which was later approved).[11][146] Dershowitz accused Boies of pressuring Giuffre to provide false testimony, in response to which Boies sued Dershowitz in November 2019 for defamation.[147] Giuffre repeated her allegations on camera as part of the May 2020 Netflix series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, by stating that Epstein had trafficked her to Dershowitz for sex at least six times.[148][149] Dershowitz responded by saying he planned to sue Netflix and repeated his denial of Giuffre's account; he also accused Giuffre of selling false allegations to news outlets.[150] As of November 2020, no such lawsuit has been filed.


Are you a shill?

Proda 1 point ago +1 / -0

I've been here for months you can check my comment history to see if I am a shill. I simply agree with Dershowitz on his free speech stance, doesn't mean I agree with his politics, especially not with his position on guns. I'm not like those on the left that are unwilling to separate the good one does from the evil and will cancel you at the slightest hint of a real (or perceived) act of wrongthink. I did not know about the Epstein stuff though, and I'll probably need to get more info on this before having an opinion on the matter, if those allegations are true he is a piece of shit, no doubt, still worthy of praise for defending free speech, maybe only that. On Floyd he spoke without properly informing himself and that was stupid. But you already decided I am arguing in bad faith so I'll just block you and be done with it, you are really giving me no reason not to.

Have a good day sir.

somethinga9230k 1 point ago +1 / -0

So you are beyond any doubt whatsoever indeed a shill, possibly a leftist shill, and you definitely have no sincerity at all whatsoever. And it seems like you watch Alan Dershowitz's Youtube videos and... you basically claim that you don't even know many of his stances, including his wanting to abolish the 2nd amendment. How can you write this about him: "Alan Dershowitz, I'm trusting him on this one, he might be wrong but he has the same ideas I have on free speech, [...]" , while at the same time Alan Dershowitz very openly and directly wants to abolish the 2nd amendment??? The 2nd amendment without which the 1st amendment have extremely poor conditions??? And there are lots of other parts.

Proda 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ok then block it is. You are definitely not in good faith.

somethinga9230k 1 point ago +1 / -0

But you know fully well that I am definitely being sincere and being fully right about you, and you know fully well that you aren't at all in any way whatsoever, shill.


And again, in case you are distracting:

So you are beyond any doubt whatsoever indeed a shill, possibly a leftist shill, and you definitely have no sincerity at all whatsoever. And it seems like you watch Alan Dershowitz's Youtube videos and... you basically claim that you don't even know many of his stances, including his wanting to abolish the 2nd amendment. How can you write this about him: "Alan Dershowitz, I'm trusting him on this one, he might be wrong but he has the same ideas I have on free speech, [...]" , while at the same time Alan Dershowitz very openly and directly wants to abolish the 2nd amendment??? The 2nd amendment without which the 1st amendment have extremely poor conditions??? And there are lots of other parts.

See for instance https://patriots.win/p/12hRCJ9BtF/x/c/4Dx42BfpVdi , https://patriots.win/p/12hRCJ9BtF/x/c/4Dx42Kswi89 , https://patriots.win/p/12hRCJ9BtF/x/c/4Dx42KvBr0b and https://patriots.win/p/12hRCJ9BtF/x/c/4Dx42KwLcdl .

Proda 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yes, he said it in one of latest videos about Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ilhan Omar. It is in his youtube.

I'll assume responsibility by admitting I was wrong, what else should I do?

somethinga9230k 1 point ago +1 / -0

Which Youtube video, at which point in time?

And you aren't being the slightest bit sincere at this point in time.

Please also respond to the marked edited additions I made to my comment.

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Wrong on all counts. Won't go into pts. 1 and 2, but, for pt. 3, he was as diplomatic as one could be...in Congress.

If you go more into the facts of the matter, you'll see that he, as well as a certain Favorite President, only had one flaw: trusting the Congress to do the pro-American thing.

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Chemotherapy is toxic. There is one thing that a communist understands and one thing they respect, a naked display of power.

DragonKP 1 point ago +2 / -1

gtfo commie sympathizer