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Conservatives own many times the number of firearms as the military and police combined. If we wanted a bloody insurrection, it would happen at the time and place of our choosing.

Also, where are the other videos of the people dropping off the "pipe bombs." They still have just released one still photograph with no distinguishing features (because it was a CIA commie who planted the fake "pipe bomb").

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I was there. Did not bring a gun. We did not carry the night sticks we brought nor the pepper spray. Nor a larger knife than is legal to carry. We thought we may have a shot at getting in the Elipse for the President's speech. Those items would have excluded from getting in. We'd rather risk the danger of confrontation in a violent city, than lose our chance to be as close as possible to the greatest President in my lifetime. I am 71+ and remember Truman.

I was with 15 to 20 Good Ole Baws from Louisiana. Nobody was carrying, nada. Where there guns there maybe so, never saw any. Never got to the Capital though that was the original plan.

Here is what happened to us that day:

We awakened that morning at 4:15 ET, we were from a CTZ area of America. But we were so anxious to see our President we were out of our hotel room before 6 with many layers of clothing starting with long johns. My wife in her power chair is as courageous a supporter as anyone I know.

We were amongst people of all color who to a person were considerate and polite. I met a family who brought 5 of their 8 children from Ohio. I met people from all across America. There was as many women as men and there were several groups of women who came to together, yet one woman joined our area who had come alone from Arizona, drove straight through, 50ish.

To say The Lord's prayer in unison with 200,000+ people and then the Pledge of the United States and Singing of the National Anthem, ask me if just being their was worth every penny and effort. It was hours before the President would speak and so much, so wonderful so peaceful. I had not felt that good in so long I forgot I and all of us are not alone. They truly do not want us congregating.

It was dark when we arrived at our location outside the fence to the South of the Elipse an 100' or so from the Heads, one has to think logically at 70, and just in front of the huge TV broadcasting back to the Washington Monument. We were actually on Constitution Street, I think.

You are correct when you suggest no left, your damn straight no one left, there was just a continuous onslaught of polite but determined individuals who wanted to pass through and did. In the thousand and thousands of people I was around, I only saw one, one, elbow shove of complaint, one.le

While the President spoke, no one else did, no one. When he said he would join us on the march to the Capital, all I thought was, wow the President will march there with us. That is it.

When he finished we turned to exit to the East but nobody is moving as no one can. We have to wait till the outer edge of the thousands begin a slow half step half step before even a full step can be gained. This is a slow arduous process. I am pushing my wife in her power chair as moving by electronic power is to Close Quartered. I push her to within 3 blocks of the Capital. At which point we are 4 blocks from our hotel. It is somewhere between 1 and 1:30pm. There are no Heads in sight we decide to go to the hotel to use the Heads, then go to the Capital, it was only 4 blocks away.

By the time we did all that and checked on the TV before heading back out we turned on the TV to see if anything was being reported and discovered the shooting U.S. Veteran Ashli Babbitt. We wept and never went back out for the remainder of the day. Very saddened by the ending.

Immediately I knew that I had met no one, absolutely no one who I thought would do this. I still do not believe Trump Supporters planned this, I think a few ignorant ones may have been seduced into involvement.

But there is no way any of us left early. We love America and President Trump to much to walk out on him, especially now.

God Bless America and God Bless President Trump