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muslimporn 3 points ago +4 / -1

Death, the final frontier. I'm an explorer and I've explored it all. Even your mother's great caverns.

I reserve the right to other's self defence and if I'm able I'll get in the way so they have to shoot me first.

I don't recommend this way for everyone. If you haven't gotten enough out of life then you should try to and if need be ask those who can help if they can though ultimately it may be on you.

We must remember though. A hundred years ago today millions of our men left for king and country. If you were wondering around here and in that age women would shame you and if you were honourably discharged you had to get a government badge so that people wouldn't beat you up.

The mortality rate for males of fighting age in their prime was at least ten percent and would rise up to a third. You had a greater chance of being maimed or diseased. Perhaps at best a third or more likely a quarter men came back untouched. One in twenty men overall died at least most often marching into a hail of bullets and shells.

Now look at COVID-19. What the fuck? I guess the hypothesis is true. You see, twenty years ago we were debating if the world wars wiped out the bravery gene. Turns out yes it did and now mankind shall suffer.

Unfortunately some of my relatives slipped through for our genes to live until today. Enjoy my sacrifice. It'll be one of the last voluntary cases you'll ever see. When the last of us are wiped out and you're live stock they'll sacrifice you on a whim but you'll never be able to sacrifice yourself even for yourself let alone a noble cause.

A billion plastic poppies and yet not a single one tells the real gory story.

Their spirits have haunted me the most and you know what they tell me? Most of them sacrificed themselves even before they got anything out of life even on the off chance. I hear the millions of souls swirling around me and they are disgusted by you. They paid the ultimate price sacrificing themselves for the future so you could both live off their sacrifice and also sacrifice the future?

If you thought the dead we still you were wrong. They have all stirred within me a storm revolving twenty million souls per second. They paved the way to our future the one which we spoil. How fucking dare you disrespect our ancestors. I've over taken time and died before my time. I walk among the dead and the living. When you die and join them don't think you'll be joining arms with and embracing long lost cousins. We're pretty pissed off with you lot. They tell me you ought to miss them but they don't miss you.

I'm not afraid of the after life so much so I didn't even need to die but you lot... Try as you might you're all going to die, make your time. I really hope to die for a purpose especially now that I have lived so long and understand. Now my life is unimportant. I have satisfied it. It is time for another to take my place an enjoy the experience going from nothing to climbing the mountain to understanding everything not only the meaning of life but also that of death. What is important now is the future and the lives that follow mine.

Don't be afraid to join us in the halls of death. If you are then something is wrong with you. They ask me how did you die? I tell them I didn't yet. They say well that's strange but who am I to argue. They often tell me of how they deprived themselves the future for a better future for others.

Most people today their peers are the living. I think the dead felt so sorry for me being so alone they made themselves known.

Independenceforever 4 points ago +4 / -0

Even Elijah the prophet wanted to die and thought everybody had bowed down to face mask idols.

God said it was ok, he didn't have to stay. He'd anoint Elisha, Jehu, and Hazael to do his job for him.

And that there were yet 7000 who had not worshipped idols.


History has been proven this year. We're the same people our ancestors were.

God ordains trials and times of trouble for our learning and for our eventual good.

Like with any gift you give someone: some people waste it, some people use it for great advantage, some people refuse the gift.

God gave to our ancestors, they gave to us. So we should give to the future.

I just pray for God's will and power to carry that out.

deleted 1 point ago +1 / -0