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DICK's, Gillette, Netflix- they know it all too well.

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cute! while you are worried about muh optics and boycotting disney

the govenrment takes your tax money and gives them a handout! good luck with that

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Plus a lot of their toys are made in China. Mickey isn't American anymore.

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Their toys suck. They’re just shitty quality.

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I cant cancel something i never owned. They killed starwars 5 years ago...why they beating that dead horse.

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They’ve ruined everything anyway, so it’s not hard to starve them. Just need to drag one down, the rest will follow.

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Haha. Considering that Mandalorian is one of the few non-rerun profitable shows in Lucasfilms, the backlash re: Carano will probably do most of the damage before any of us patriots even start. =P

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The terrible choice of being "woke" will be very costly as it already has been with the shutdowns especially here in Commiefornia. Freedom isin't free and I would rather hear my children bitch and moan then give your corporation another cent. I hope you come back down to reality and realize what matters most until then I hope nothing but the worst for your company TRUMP WON.

The nice comment I left when I cancelled the subscription. Every stock is being inflated right now I sold everything time to go back basics..just my woman n my kids n the dogs n me.

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"Every stock is being inflated right now" THIS RIGHT HERE. The stock market is gonna crash hard, I believe. The stocks are being held up by nothing.

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Disney found themselves in a very strange situation in California this last year where they were at odds with the democrats and engaged in a very public pr battle with the governor. To this day they are unable to open their parks as they've lost billions of dollars and laid off tens of thousands of employees. And yet they still support democrats. They deserve to take the hit they've been dealt. Disneyland closed voluntarily last March and they've never been able to reopen. If they hadn't contributed to covid hysteria this whole thing might have played out more reasonably.

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To those who refuse to out down the entertainment, TV, streaming services, ect...

Here's a tip...

Look into IPTV Services.

This goes around the big companies, doesn't give them any revenue, no clicks, no viewership.

So if you HAVE to have your sports and TV, do IPTV. Don't give views, clicks, or money to these evil companies.

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Kick the mouse addiction

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only way to beat the lefty corps is to not give them any business.

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Boycott!..Mickey is a Pedo! ...🐸🇺🇸

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If you really need to see House of The Fascist Mouse media just use your local liberal library to borrow just about anything free of charge. Used movies are often filthy cheap at flea markets and thrift shops.

For the record I would never endorse piracy because the notices on each DVD say piracy supports terrorists. Not sure if thats the social terrorists who make the media or if ISIS is selling fake DVD on the streets of NY.

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I dont watch any of these! Disney is a pedofile CULT!

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What a shame if one of the commie umbrella companies imploded. ☔

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Stop paying for cable or streaming services people! It’s so easy to use cyberflix, or cinemaHD. You can download it on a fire stick or put it on an android box or download an android emulator like bluestacks on your computer then run it through that. Free on demand tv and movies at high quality. Use a VPN and I do not condone pirating of any nature..unless it’s in sea of thieves of course.

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The mouse must die. No mercy.

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Right? Can you imagine what an honest version of Hollywood would look like? Folks getting work for actual talent rather then their political views, skin color, sexual orientation, pretty face, and parents bank account. Writers actually trying to make something good rather than appease CCP overlords? Like.. the movie stars you see in movies they’re.. the best of the crap they push on you. They ain’t got shit on real folk. Back when movies were meant to be fun and not hyper analyzed, and serious.

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Never been to Disney land and never will.

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You can pirate that, unfortunately LOL.

Mind you, it's not somewhere I'd want to go either.

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Add these companies to the woke tracker www.whoismaga.com

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Yea just like Twitter. But that didn't happen. Twitter is the biggest pedo promoting operation Today but its defended here on the daily.

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i'm game. fuck these people and their anti American agendas. fuck'em all right in the hearts.

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Covid. Leftists starved themselves with lockdowns.

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Fuck yes! Would be an epic takedown, and think of the vacuum it would create for artists and entrepreneurs that want to make real edgy art

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If I know one thing you don't fuck with the mouse. It would have to be really well planned. You consume many of their products and don't even know it. It's basically fed to kids from birth.

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You need to choose one , for each week. Post it for everyone to see. They will soon get the picture. This has been done successfully before. You publish the list so even the companies know when they will be affected.

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Far more than movies.


They are also sitting on one of the largest untapped natural gas deposits on earth in Orlando that has pretty much been untouched.

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cute! while you are worried about muh optics and boycotting disney

the govenrment takes your tax money and gives them a handout! good luck with that

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We’ve got a country to fucking saving this faggots worried about Disney