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Very simple formula and explanation: There are some ideas that are supported by many people, sometimes a strong majority. Therefore, if you show the normies only a few examples of the establishment conflating those ideas with bigotry (white supremacy, racism, sexism, etc), then you could red pill them into thinking that the media can't be trusted.

Some examples of popular things that have been labelled as bigoted:

  • The Gamestop stock campaign - conflated with hate speech
  • The recall in California - conflated with white supremacy
  • Supporting Gina Carano - conflated with transphobia
  • Signature verification for mailed in ballots - conflated with racism
  • Calling the cops because your life is in danger - conflated with racism
  • Etc.

Dream result: Make the normies realize that accusations of bigotry are fake.

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A very good method with this is pulling up stuff like movie reviews or game reviews. Look at some of the objective trash they will praise and the good movies or games they will accuse of "bigotry" or "sexism" or whatever. Pull up a review site with user reviews and critic reviews, and just show the real reviews vs what the shill "critics" write. I've found people just look at that stuff and facepalm.

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Good idea! That's very powerful because movies are much more relatable for normies than politics.