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Dr Dick also said gay sex orgies are ok, if you wear a mask.

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I believe they deserve to be on a cross ... in Fallout: New Vegas.

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It's MA'AM!

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It might be Richard-less now.

Peachykeen74 10 points ago +11 / -1

I can’t even look at that headline with a straight face because it reads like National Enquirer.

I’m not ready for this. MOMMY I WANT OFF THE RIDE!!!!!!!!

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pede u gotta make them links more direct, im not surfing some randos blog for 5 minutes to find the link to the source material

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That crossdressing faggot, bidens pick, supports child mutilation and hormone injections to minors and would forceably do it to a fucking minor if the minor showed interest, even against parental consent. He needs to be in a state run facility for the mentally unstable aka insane asylum. https://youtu.be/laS93iac9Ws

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He just needs to be taken out back like old yeller.

Pedophiles run your country now.

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yap! rebel by being ABSOLUTELY ridiculous and go even HARDER lol. so it makes people go "wtf?" O.o

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Masculine girls and feminine boys exist throughout history, and there were specific terms for them: tomboy and sissy. Less friendly terms are dykes and fags. When homo became mainstream during the Obumemr era, tomboys and sissies could be wrongfully identified as dykes and fags even if they are not. And now they are born with the "wrong gender", and that must be "corrected" with puberty blockers. This is diabolical.

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Meanwhile in congress....


Be sure to let your senator know that if they let this get passed in the senate, that you:

Won't care if worse fault it is, Won't care if they didn't have the votes. Won't care if there was nothing they could do.

That you will not vote for them again and that you will primary their ass.

Folks, if they pass this, nothing else will matter. Trannie "rights" will be codified into law and the traditional family's rights will be forever destroyed.

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Fuck trannies

RedPilledRaven 18 points ago +19 / -1

Don’t do that you might get aids.

MAGA_Skull 4 points ago +5 / -1

Its in the tranny fluid

IAmDisappoint 3 points ago +4 / -1

Valid point. Let me revise that statement then. Fuck trannies with a rusty shovel.

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They still wouldn't pass. Just more people would pretend that they do.

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This. 10 years from now they'll be saying "well we all agree putting kids on hormone blockers over the age of 10 is fine but any younger is where we draw the line"

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Jaysus! Look at the jaw on that thing!

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I wonder if that Tranny's beard tears the kleenex when he's wiping up the boo hoos

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They never do

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You can photoshop any pic and make them pass on paper.

But in real life, I have never seen a tranny that passes .. either way.

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I knew a confused woman that dressed as men dress, and tried to speak, act and look like a man. She had called herself a gay male for almost a decade when I met her.

It took me a full week of interacting with her to realize she wanted to act manly, rather than just having practical clothing preferences, and an alto voice.

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I used to be a crossdresser. I was in the scene. Support groups. Bars. Clubs.

I met ONE who passed such that I couldn't tell. Well... one male to female that actually felt like a girl. (I'm not talking about the ones that look kind of pretty, but then speak in a bass voice that tips you off)

There's been a couple female to male that pulled it off. Short, roundish, bearded, and seemed pretty convincing. Can't tell you about the voice though.

At the same time, a fair number of female to male looked like teenage girls with facial hair. Or "I cut my hair short, now I'm a boy." Not even close.

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Here’s the deal......2 genders only folks

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No downdoots? Are all the alternative lifestyle folks too bored to stay here and click away? No doot-virtue signaling on the .win? Bummer.

Those downdoots are the most delicious flavor of REEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

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Don't all men crave to have a tranny? After all they are extremely rare and apparently are 0.3% of the population That would be a real prize for them.

winning445 3 points ago +3 / -0

That's a super rare Pepe.

angryamerican1964 2 points ago +2 / -0

I dont care how many laws progressive's pass these "THINGS" will never be woman or have my acceptance

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Dr Dick Levine never put his balls on the line.

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What ever happened to cross dressing? That seems so much safer than getting surgeries and taking the wrong hormones.

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I was a crossdresser for years. I used that term. Well, that and transvestite.

If I told you some of the nasty stuff that transsexuals said to me, it would blow your mind. Damn, I still remember some fully indoctrinated transgendered kook on the Federalist comment section who described me as a sexually perverted parapdilliac unlike her own "true identity." Because she was "full time" and I was not.

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What made you stop cross dressing? Sorry about the troll on the Federalist. Trolls come in all varieties!

Shalomtoyou 1 point ago +1 / -0

My second daughter was born. First there was the exhaustion of the new born. Then... just never got back to it and the desires to do it waned.

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Thanks for sharing. :) parenting sure changes things. I definitely enjoy buying nice clothes for my kids than I do for myself. MAGA!

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Yeah. The fallacy of transgenderism is ... well, there are many. But among them is that appearance is the end-all be all. Actually, it's mistaking a fetish for reality.

Learning to separate the two was instrumental for me ultimately escaping it

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In latest news, the Biden administration announced that Satan has joined the Cabinet. The child sacrifices will be held weekly in the 3rd underground level beneath the White House. When asked, Biden replied "The thing, man. Adrenochrome, man. It's good shit. All hail Satan."

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Look at that little guy! I saved him

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Now that's a rare pepe

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Liberalism IS a MENTAL DISORDER- Dr. Michael Savage. Boy, is he right!

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So this is where we come to find all the announcements about us losing

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You're a century too early, trannies. Wait at least 100 years for a viable gender transition.