WATCH PARTY: GEOTUS SPEAKS             MAGA            
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We've had press releases, anti-RINO primary endorsements, some phone interviews, but today we get to see The chosen one, The Golden God Emperor Of The United States, Doctor Cowboy President Donald J. Trump, VSG, YVM live on stage speaking to us about the future of MAGA and his America First agenda.

GEOTUS is scheduled to take the stage at 3:40pm ET.

Whether Boomer or Zoomer, Blackpilled or Whitepilled, Groyper or Peepo, AFPAC or CPAC, one man changed the world, broke the system, and started this movement we all unite under.

Get comfy, gather round with thousands of frens, and let's watch the return of The Donald.


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CPAC on Rumble

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Can you?

I mean really, why come into this thread and bitch, go do something else.