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DrinkLikeAGilmore 6 points ago +6 / -0

And many haven't realized they actually spend MORE by working outside the home as they have to maintain costs of vehicle & gas, expenses for work attire & lunches, increased spending habits rather than saving with more shopping trips, less time spent with child....

Not sure why many women buy into the idea the family has to be rich for mother to stay home. It's a damn farce.

RiverFenix 7 points ago +7 / -0

its been programmed.

every time you heard someone say "children are expensive" you heard a well crafted lie.

Children, like most things, are only as expensive as you make them. Cavemen without a single penny raised kids. Rednecks without an education raise kids. Rich people and animals, all raise kids. The 'expense' barrier placed in front of you are put there for a reason... but if we stopped giving a fuck and sourced our own shit without a middle man we'd find a surplus of goods in our own backyard.

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