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Yes the ones collecting taxes are often committing sin especially depending on the amount and the degree of extortion. That's why it made a note to say that Jesus dined with tax collectors and sinners. The people paying the taxes were not committing a sin by doing so, but often those collecting taxes are sinning.

If a government takes my taxes and spends it on funding government sponsored pornography (strange scenario, but I wouldn't put it past places like Sweden) the government is acting very sinful, but the citizen is not being sinful by lawfully paying the tax. The government is morally wrong for using the taxes for immorality, but the citizen would be morally wrong for not paying the taxes assuming it's not labelled as a "pay for pornography" tax. If it were a "pay for pornography" tax, then I'm pretty sure the citizen should not pay it, but if it's just a general tax, the citizen pays it and at that point any immorality or corruption that the government would do at that point is on their heads, not the citizens.

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Judging by his cucked answers he would pay up.