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I can’t feel bad for someone who is stupid enough to choose to work for an anti-American company like Disney. There is no debate that cancelling someone because of their politics is wrong but she made her bed so she can lay in it. Also, using Jews during the Holocaust as a comparison is stupid and something the left constantly does. We have enough on our plates and we don’t have time to worry about her career in Hollyweird

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your a idot. she was comparing how things got started . almost every other post on this website is about how conservative trump supporters are going to be rounded up and put in camps or worse. you cant have it both ways , you cant say this is going to happen and then criticize her for pointing out that the way things are going are the same way it was started in Germany . stop being stupid. who cares that she worked at disney . now shes moving on to places she never could have reached without the exposure to what happened . how are people sp freaking ignorant

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She did a good job of demonstrating hypocrisy. Why does that bother you?

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It maybe the blood leaking from his crotch.

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I'd still bang her.

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I also feel like her acting in The Mandalorian was pretty lackluster

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If you don't understand her comparison, read up on your history...These leftists are using every tool the Nazi's used before taking power. Which they've now done, if you haven't realized. Propaganda, burning of books, dehumanization of their enemy (you), escalation of rhetoric leading to violence and premeditated murder. Unless those things go, it will only get worse...

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yeah okay i would argue its a justified comparison

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Comparing anything to millions of Jews being murdered by the Nazis is not smart debate

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I mean she wasn't really comparing the actual murder part more of how they got to the murder part. Which isn't actually all that different than what's happening today. Just instead of jews its more against whites and right wing ideology.

I mean the first step to genocide and or purging your opponents is to make the subhuman or completely evil. I mean thats what they are currently doing to us and most of the left believe we are the root of all thats evil in this country.

I can tell you that won't end well for anyone involved

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