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After a grueling divorce My buddy was finally awarded full custody of his two boys. Their clinically mentally ill mother wanted to move out of state and transition them ( because she wanted girls)( the boys hated all the things their mom would do to them like put then in dresses etc...). The original judge awarded her custody cause muh kids need to be with mom bullshit. A lawyer who specializes in these cases took up his case and won on appeal. The mom is also not allowed to be with the boys without supervision.

The boys are now safe at home with their dad where they can be themselves. He says he hasn't seen them this happy in months. He's taking them on a fishing trip to celebrate next week.

For those wondering why he married her: she wasn't like this at first. She was always a bit on the left but not too bad ( like she would crack jokes at the dems expense as well).She stopped taking her psych meds on a whim and it was all downhill from there. He tried everything for years to try to get her help but she refused.

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Oh wow I just saw that. Shits nuts o.O

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What a psycho

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