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Indiana had not been carried by any Democrat Presidential candidate since the Johnson landslide of 1964. Obama won it in 2008 against McCain. Indiana hasn't voted for a Democrat Presidence since. It appeared to be a one-off fluke.

Hoosier pedes, any explanations or lessons learned that we can apply to elections going forward? Was there fraud in 2008 and it got cleaned up? Did Obama legitimately win in 2008 and the RNC stepped up their game after that? Was McCain just that shitty of a candidate? But if so why didn't he lose other states that were red since 1964? I'm just wondering aloud here.

I keep hearing others here say that Biden / Kamala will be able to steal Georgia and Arizona, also traditional Republican presidential strongholds, in 2024. But isn't it also possible that like Indiana, these too were flukes that can be "fixed," if indeed Indiana was "fixed?" Just wondering aloud here.

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8 years of Bush and then McCain? No mystery there.

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I agree, shitty candidates all around, but then why didn't Obama also win any other traditionally-red states? Indiana is an anomaly which deserves investigation