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MAGAsJustBegun 117 points ago +117 / -0

Any black person who doesn't support the policies that destroyed black America is branded an uncle Tom racist.

The fact is that the system did intentionally destroy black families.

Those that black Americans trust most are the ones behind their decimation, and they don't understand it.

The welfare system is designed to hinder ambition and hard work, and reward failure and laziness.

The media is there to destroy black culture. Glorify thugs, violence, gangs, hatred, cursing, being a drug addict, dealer, ect...

Black American culture 100 years ago was great. Family oriented. Clean. Respectful. Loving. Intelligent. High morals.

We went from Jackson Five and Earth Wind & Fire to Cardi B and NWA.

It's intentional. And they just don't seem to see it...

TheSkip61 4 points ago +4 / -0

It's only been 60 years, just seems longer !