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I know some homosexual Christians who are at peace with the fact that they feel sexual attraction to the same sex, but that Christian doctrine identifies homosexual acts as a sin, and they strive to abstain. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. If this is the place where Milo is at now, I say good for him. I have no reason to doubt him and wish him strength and perseverance as he continues his walk with the Lord.

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It is brilliant.

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he never stopped king o the trolls that catboykami took his crown for a few weeks

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No one is beyond the saving shed blood of Jesus Christ, not even the chief of sinners, me.

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He red-pilled me in 2016 and cured my feminism, I owe him a debt I can never repay. ❤️

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Strategic, transformational change allows for new 'opportunities'.

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Didnt he marry a dude. Thats going to be awkward

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Nah, its all good. Dude identifies as a super-straight female now.

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I support this. It takes one brave soul to start a movement. It's harder to leave the LGBTQ+ community than to enter it. I am trying to be ex-gay, its tough.I believe God will help me.

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Dear MagaWoman4life Thank you for your comment! We are praying for you! Feel free to contact us anytime, our website is here: PublicAdvocateUSA.org and this site here called COURAGE gives great support: https://couragerc.org/ God bless!

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Now, anyone who labels him a fag is Christian-hating-religiophobic.

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How many miles of dick does a man have to take before there's no take backs?

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Don't they take all of it in the back... side?

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Milo has been a professional troll for many years. He was a victim of cancel culture, and disappeared for the last few years. I'm sure his money was running out and figured out a way to be relevant again. The left/LGBTQQIAALMNOP++ETC will be screaming, the religious will be giving him pats of encouragement on the back, and the rest of us who know Milo will just sit back and watch the troll roll on.

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But don't all these alphabet people constantly tell us it's not a choice? And that they were born that way? I wonder how many others decided they are not gay after all and didn't say anything?

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They constantly tell us that because they know it is a choice.

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I didn’t think there was such a thing as ex-gay. Don’t believe him for a second but also never gave a shit what he preferred.

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There isn't. It's just going celibate. Milo is a fantastic troll, and he's made himself relevant again. Bravo.

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bullshit. He couldn't hack it in hollywood as a "personality", ran out of money and now stumbles from one cash grab to another.

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Attention whores going to attention whore?🤷🏻‍♂️

RolandDelacroix -2 points ago +3 / -5

Claims he's become christian, so can't be gay.

Ignores the oaths of marriage he gave.

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He's always claimed to be a Christian, well Catholic. He's been saying that for years.

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ahh... yes... being gay is a choice.

Tell me, when did you choose to be straight?

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Mainly I'm alergic to aids and diapers.