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I understand most of us don't care about Reddit anymore, but I can't resist an opportunity to shine more light onto things that Reddit are trying to keep quiet.

I might have some details wrong, but here's the TL;DR:

  • A moderator of r/ukpolitics linked to an article from the Spectator, which "contained a three-word mention, in passing, of a minor British public figure, expelled from both the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party" (not knowing this was a Reddit admin)

  • The moderator was permanently suspended for "doxxing"

  • They later discovered that Reddit had hired this individual from the article, and therefore considered it doxxing.

  • Turns out, if you mention this minor public figure (turned Reddit admin) anywhere on the site, you will get permanently banned.

... which isn't the bad part. The new Reddit admin (Aimee Challenor) allegedly:

  • is married to a literal, self-admitted pedophile who writes sex stories about kids (tweet: https://i.imgur.com/j2GXHtW.jpg)
  • hired her father as elections agent after he was charged for holding a 10 year old girl captive in his "torture den" where he electrocuted her while playing out his sadomasochistic fantasies ("subjected the child to a campaign of abuse which included tying her from a beam, whipping her and giving her electric shocks.")
  • started off as just a volunteer moderator for child/teen-focused subreddits before becoming a Reddit employee

Reddit's banning anyone who mentions the new admins name. Many large subreddits are going private in protest of the admins. The admins just put out a statement clarifying the ban policy but no comment on why they hired (and still are employing) an allegedly avid supporter of child rapists. More subreddits are continuing to close. Could be interesting!

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What a dumpster fire.