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I don't know if they teach it, but it's a way to get somebody to continue talking. You let them talk and keep talking with the hopes that you will get them to say something you can use against them.

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I know for a fact that they teach journalism majors to report facts to fit their narrative.

They are specifically taught to report in service to a specific public goal. Combine that with relative morality and you get trained liars.

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I think journalists are incredibly lazy these days too. This dimwit didn’t even try to find a conspiracy that O’Keefe was peddling so his interview would last more than 30 seconds.

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Exactly. Reporters used to look for evidence for the stuff about which they were reporting. Now this guy was just parroting what he heard elsewhere to O'Keefe.

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They just teach ideology at this point. I wasn't a journalism major, but my degree is closely related and I had to take a lot of the same classes. I was just there to learn how to work in the media industry, but half my classes were taken up watching videos by Jane Elliot and learning terms like "differently abled" instead of disabled. It's a complete joke. It's no wonder it's turning out people like this.

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"Differently abled" is one of the most BS terms I've ever heard.

Differently than what? And what about it is different? Define your terms!

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You can't see half his face and he may legitimately realize he has no room to argue. If he's been told countless lies about James and thinks it will be a slam dunk and then realizes like "oh, hey, maybe I don't know shit and this guy has a point" that might be a fitting reaction.

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He's probably just some fucking journalism student that was sent to interview James by his masters, he probably doesn't even know what James does but he does anything his employer asks him to do. He just stood there and took it like a bitch. LULZ