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Good morning, 'pedes!

Yesterday, Louder With Crowder was suspended by YouTube for a week and demonetized. This comes on the heels of two Twitter suspensions in a row. As with Twitter, YouTube left the "reason" field blank, but they did remove one of his videos. It was the second episode where he returned to Nevada and investigated the now-updated address of the missing Clinton staffer who voted in the 2016 election. (spoiler: that address was invalid as well)

Steven Crowder has announced that he will be brocadcasting this week at louderwithcrowder.com/live at 10 AM, and he asks that you spread the word.

Big Tech finally made their move. The battle is here. It's time to fight like hell.

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“Big tech finally made their move”. Where have you been Louder with Crowder? I love you but they’ve been making moves for years. Remember Alex? MILO? How about the best president in the history of the US Donald Trump?? Glad you’re ready to fight now but you should have started fighting years ago.

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He's had Jones on his show multiple times.