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Black people don't even want to live in predominantly black neighborhoods.

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And that's the biggest point.

Sadly, it’s not about black and white, it’s about scum and society breakdown.

the nuclear family is all that holds our western societies together (think little house on the prairie), the satanic demoncrats and their like have been working to destroy this for decades though their bullshit and killing of the education system.

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I bought that for him for Christmas.

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Black dude here, and I live in a black area. Growing up in Chicago decades ago I lived in a much more black area. I have to say in my current area there's a lot of blacks and Hispanic, like a blend.

Growing up, my mom had to put a bullet in a burglar. I got beat up by people wanting me selling to people in my school. I got to see the same people pressure my friends and classmates into selling to their friends. That was just life back then

The area I'm in now in WI is just much nicer and safer. I feel like there aren't drugs, their aren't thugs, there aren't people swinging or slinging in the street. The people are so much friendlier than where I was growing up in Chicago. It feels a whole heck of a lot safer here. I don't have to worry about random suckas here busting in at night.

The only time where that all changed is when Jacob Blake was shot in my town and the looters hit the business under where I live and spent a night off and on trying to break into my place thinking it was a storage room for the business. The next couple of nights were bad, but then Kyle Rittenhouse made all the bad people go away. Suddenly the riots turned into peaceful protests.

I think part of the issue where I live now vs where I grew up in Chicago was Chicago just had FAR more bad eggs in close proximity. Even if it's like 1 bad egg in 1,000, it's a city of a million, so you're gonna run into more bad eggs. They were everywhere in high school. Most of my classmates ended up in the pen rightfully so, and I ended up getting a college degree. I crawled out of the pit to make it to a better place and left the fools behind trying to drag me down.

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Good for you man.

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Wait, is this a serious question?

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No, it's a handshake

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I have lived, went to school and worked in one such area. I had major problems but from my experience it is the hopelessness of poverty that causes their indifference. I wouldn't generalize, makes us look simple. Most people are good, race has less to do with it than you realize.

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I lived in a predominantly black country - why do you think I emigrated

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main cause of white flight, so there

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I don't know. I don't think I would care. Living in a big town would get to me first though.

starch4thewin -2 points ago +5 / -7

Post "Great Society" policies led to it being less than optimal, but there is no reason to be dramatic. Fuck off Stormfag. Many minority groups aren't much different from us huwhites when talking to people about real issues. Living in ground zero of modern issues, Binghamton, NY area, I lament the slide into shit, but it is not a race issue out here. Never was. It is just lefty vs. rational people. Dangerous where and why? Cities like Filthadelphia and the Pitt? Fartland? San Fran Shitsco? Back before LBJ, black families were doing a hell of a lot better relative to now, but don't mention that. Fuck off Faggot Bureau of Incels. Just because you commie fucks are commie fucks, doesn't mean anyone buys your bullshit, other than the dims, of course.

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The only fucking people that ever use the term "stormfag" are FBI faggots.

You're a faggot.

Morgoth 2 points ago +3 / -1

What? Nope.

Stormfront is off the rails, I've visited that website and not only was it corny and cringy as all hell, the articles were almost illiterate and void of any hard facts.

"Stormfag" is an appropriate and regularly used term.

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and dindus use that word whenever someone points out the depravity of their people