Just stole this Meme (media.patriots.win)
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The distribution of wealth is already happening. We are almost at 25 Trillion in debt. That's about $83,000 owed by every American. How is that debt going to be paid. By the disappearing working middle class, not the couch potatoes in the Hood, or Barrio. So double that figure at least to you owing at least $160.000. We are destroying our wealth by giving it away (wasting it) on socialism, and other countries. The latest big spender Joe Biden. You will also pay for these freebees in another way. The devaluation of your dollars (inflation). This year the cost of consumer goods, and food has increased higher then any year since 2012. People "think" they are making money when the "value" of their house goes up, or they get that government mandated wage. But in reality the value of the dollar is tanking. The Government benefits because the "more" dollars you make the more taxes you pay. Even so the Fed has to "borrow" more, and more, and we are on collision course with reality !