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Speaking about education - - from the head of education in South Africa (a black woman) and presumably speaking about the black population there:


Addressing college students on the opening of colleges in Pretoria, the fundamental schooling minister mentioned her authorities “has prioritised schooling as a result of it is aware of that it is solely by means of schooling can we take care of a few of our challenges… as a result of an informed man will not rape”.

In a video clip posted by one of many nation’s main tv networks, Newzroom Afrika, the scholars have been heard responding in unison: “They do!”

The minister then remarked “or do they? I believed they should be a bit civilised to not do sure issues”.

The nation’s largest opposition social gathering the Democratic Alliance mentioned it desires the minister to “retract and apologise”.

“These feedback are totally inappropriate and careless because the pervasive disaster of rape in South Africa is aware of no social, financial or academic boundaries,” it mentioned in a press release.