Get fucked Wall Street (media.patriots.win)
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Don't assume it's bad for the masters. Look at what happened last year. They crashed the stocks, bought them low, and all the injected money and increased marketshare caused it to boom.

tgwbd 4 points ago +4 / -0

Came here to say this. Let me explain how this works.

Wall Street pays to get friendly politicians in office. Friendly politicians take an insane political posture of taxing capital gains more than ordinary income, and of course they let their friends in Wall Street know about this in advance.

When your typical cable business news viewer hears the news, they panic sell because the journalists write fear-inducing articles. The next day a bunch of stories come out saying that this really isn't a big deal and it's never going to happen because there's just not votes for this in the Senate.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street guys sold off on the heads up and bought back on the dip.