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Arizona AG rejects official's call for probe of voting audit

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona's attorney general has brushed away the state's top election official's call for an investigation into possible irregularities in a legislative chamber's newly begun audit of 2020 election results from the state's most populous county.

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Friday cited media reports of security lapses at the audit site and the auditors' plans to question Maricopa County voters at their homes. But Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich later Friday said Hobbs provided “no facts" to warrant an investigation.

Valid complaints will be investigated, Brnovich wrote Hobbs in a letter. “Any such complaints, however, must be based on credible facts and not conjecture of politics," he said.

Brnovich also said the separation of powers between branches of government “demands deference" to the audit commissioned by the Republican-led Arizona Senate.

Hobbs had cited concerns that the audit might violate state laws for security of ballot and election equipment and against intimidation of voters.

Those laws must be enforced “to protect the integrity of our democracy and voters' confidence in our election processes," she wrote.

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Soros & Co. cashing in their $$$ on the Secretary of State seats that they bought/stole.