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The conclusion section is pretty amazing. First of all, mentioning ‘muh white supremacy’ kinda kills any idea that you’re doing actual research and not an activist piece. Second, they’re literally pissed off that raw data is publicly available and can be read in a way which doesn’t support the mainstream narrative. They’re not even saying that the non-mainstream interpretation is wrong, just that anyone who’s not an ‘expert’ shouldn’t be allowed to use their tiny plebeian brains to make conclusions from the data. Of course, we know this isn’t about an individual’s ability to read data, either, because they’ll decry any fully qualified person who goes against the grain as a brainless quack who isn’t a ‘real’ scientist.

It’s not as if the underlying point they’re using to push their ideology is without merit, either: of course you can manipulate and selectively display data in a way which intentionally misleads the reader, but it’s not like that’s exclusive to the skeptic side of the isle. I just posted a video of Bret and Heather Weinstein talking about how the Covid vaccine pushers are intentionally excluding statistics that would allow people to make a more informed decision with regards to the risk/reward of the vaccines to the individual potentially taking it.

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Shut up and get the jab bigot.

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Take the vax bigot, gotta "reach herd immunity"

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I read that in the paper as I was waiting to check out and I was like wut

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Hey thanks Pede, I was scrolling for this.

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Thank you.