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I don't think we should completely abandon cities many of these cities used to support right leaning policies and culture we need to subvert cities the same way the leftist subverted cities in the past question is how do we accomplish that? I think it would be best to start by taking over the cities in the red states first and foremost.

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Many of them would require demolition and a rebuild process, extermination of vermin and a thorough cleansing/decontamination. It would be expensive and what purpose would it serve, why would we wanna do that?

Even if we did wanna do that, spend all that money and hard resources on it, WE would then have to go in there and do it, you don't think the terrorists are gonna manage that do you?

If you convince me to donate and then 'you' go in you'd want some kinda plan involving a very hard security force to keep the herds off you as you worked, start with that as you contemplate why you're in there.