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I’ve come to this conclusion over the past 5 years and covid sealed the deal. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow this country has become overrun with brain dead and mentally ill people. For fucks sake, half this country is terrified of a flu like virus that has a 99.9% survival rate. I know people that haven’t seen their relatives in over a year out of fear, and now I know people who say they will continue to wear masks because they are scared. These same people are ALL Biden voters and are some of the dumbest people I know.

How did this happen? How did so many Americans become awash with stupidity, mental illness, and downright cowardice? Seriously, take a look at ANY liberal poster’s history on Reddit. No doubt, you will find a history of posts about the various mental disorders, phobias, depression, and downright hatred they have.

I like to play this game on Facebook. I’ll go to a random group and just start looking at profile pictures and try to guess if they are liberal or conservative. After I guess, I will check their post and photo history to find out and I am right about the liberals 1000% of the time. It’s so easy it’s scary how predictable they are. Try it yourself: liberals are all the same brain dead useful idiots who virtue signal in concert. You will see they all have profile pictures of them wearing a mask, or a stupid banner saying they’ve been vaccinated or the stupid slogan “Stay Home, Save lives. “ sometimes it’s too easy, you can see a massively obese woman with blue hair, 4 cats, no men, and fantastically hideous friends-guaranteed liberal.

We’ve let these people multiply into a near majority in this country. Let’s face it, liberals would not exist without conservatives. They need us to build and design their infrastructure, farm their food, mine their energy, protect them from enemies, pay for their government programs, and we provide them with wealth.

It’s just sad that this has all happened over time and our leaders have never done anything to stop or reverse it. I would urge anyone who reads this to stop doing things for liberals. They are like drug addicts who need to be cut off and experience the real world. Stop giving your business to liberal companies, stop hiring liberal employees, stop buying Chinese made products, stop watching the fake news. There is an easy rule of thumb to follow: do not do anything that a hardcore liberal would approve of. For example, progressives hate a nuclear family with a father and mother, so do your best to do this.

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What we are seeing is the final result of the left wing propaganda that's been creeping into the education system over the last 40 years. Little by little it has corrupted education and released zombies into our society.