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556x45mm 226 points ago +226 / -0

Your gonna PAY me to go on a hunting and fishing expedition?

FinalSynapse 3 points ago +17 / -14

Id love to see someone hunt or fish without technology. As in with your bear hands.

Prometheus76 24 points ago +24 / -0

If you are talking about mountain streams (I grew up around trout streams), the fish all dash under the bank, but once they're there, they don't know where else to go. What does that mean? It means that yes, you can reach under the bank (it's easiest if you're in the water) and you can feel them. Move slowly and come up from beneath them. You run your fingers up and down their belly a few times, and the fish kind of calm down, then you quickly come up and put your thumb into their gill, and pull them out. Easiest if you either keep holding them or whack their head on a rock to kill them. You can eat fresh trout without cooking it, but you'll want to gut it first.

If you have a pocketknife with you (and if you're in the mountains, you should), you turn the fish on its back in your hand. Stick the knife into the fish's anus and slice the belly up towards it's mouth until just below the little triangle between the two gills. Now, take your knife and stick it in the thin sheet of skin on one side of the fish's tongue, then push the knife through and come out the other thin sheet of skin. Now, push towards the fish's mouth and cut out the tongue. Now, grab the tongue with your forefinger and put your thumb in the top of the slit you cut, and pinch your thumb and forefinger together, now pull straight towards you away from the fish. The guts will all come out. Rinse the fish and use your thumb to clean out the fish's large intestine, which runs along its spine. You can use a knife or your thumbnail to tear the thin membrane there.

Congrats, you caught a fish by hand and ate fresh trout sushi. Skinning it is optional.

FinalSynapse -23 points ago +1 / -24

But the knife is technology. Awesome that you can do it without fire though, I would have thought that's harder technology to live without.