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I used to sporadically listen to the coward’s podcast until very recently when he came to the defense of none other than Liz Cheney.

The little faggot said she is essentially right about her major criticisms of Trump and that he agrees with her.

That was the last nail for me. The little boy is a coward and a pussy who won’t stand up for truth unless it has something to do with Israel.

Fuck him.

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jack1989 28 points ago +31 / -3

He's a bitch and I don't know why Crowder likes him...Crowder insulting MTG from Congress is annoying as well.

WhiteLeftistsRGeeks 15 points ago +24 / -9

Crowder is gay.

SpezIsANazisCumRag 22 points ago +26 / -4

Steven Crowder has done and is doing more for conservatism than most including suing YouTube but he is just a normal human being like everyone else and not everything he does is perfect or amazing.

Calling Crowder gay because of his MTG comment is really petty. There are certain takes or ideas or values that every conservative must take or they are not a true conservative and disagreeing with how another person stated something isn't one of those hard lines.

Ben Shapiro has violated one of those hard conservative stances when he said mere days after the election that only a few hundred maybe even a few thousand votes were fraudulent and certainly not enough to change the outcome of the election. He held to the same opinion for months. I don't know if he has changed his views.

Eric July has violated one of those hard conservative stances when he said a few days ago on Sara Gonzales's show that the internet and social media, forums like this, YouTube etc all the ways in which modern society communicates and share information DOES NOT constitute the modern day town square. His statement runs contrary to the biggest threat to our liberties and contrary to 99.99% of the conservative movement.

Then there are many such conservative who have not only started accepting homosexuality as normal and healthy, they are even starting to accept other degenerates as well.

But I can tell from the comments in this thread that I am going to be downvoted. That's fine. I just don't understand how so many here can suddenly turn on Crowder because of his opinion of one person. I hope we don't start to eat our own like the left does.

TimeTravelingGiant 1 point ago +1 / -0

I also disagree with Crowder on MTG, but I think he just does not like her personally and has Shapiro type ppl in his ear. I mean it's still not cool bc he is either twisting her words intentionally or actually does not understand what she was saying, idk. He has been steady on the election and put in a lot of work into actually researching, unlike Ben who showed his ass and is continuing to do so with stuff like backing up Cheney...read the room, dumbass. I mean sometimes I think Crowders just a little naive so he trusts ppl like Shapiro more than he should maybe. FFS he doesn't think HRC is actually evil bc she is better at hiding it in public than Pelosi