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  • Georgia Audit/Political Activism Pamphlet for Boomers & Normies (5/30)

I’ve made a pamphlet with a ton of info you can share with other people. You can download it to print or edit for your own state here: https://patriots.win/p/12ih0Pg6Cq/georgia-auditpolitical-activism-/c/


  • Nick Moseder’s Interview with Husti and Stark (5/30)

Stark wanted to provide explanations for some of the questions being raised about the NH audit. So he got in touch with CannCon, and they held a livestream together. If you have a tech background, please check it out to fact check Stark and Hursti’s claims.



  • AZ Senator Wendy Rogers Providing Info from the Audit Floor (5/30)

Senator Rogers is touring the audit and is giving updates on her twitter. Nitter is giving me trouble so here is her user: WendyRogersAZ


  • Rumor Trump is Considering Bush Endorsement? (5/30)

It seems like JEB! Bush's son, George P. Bush, wants AG Paxton's position in Texas and it's starting to look like Trump might be considering endorsing him. If you want to give Trump your opinion on the situation, you can provide feedback here: https://www.45office.com/info/share-your-thoughts


  • Harri Hursti Caught Red Handed + Calls to Action (5/29)

Marilyn Todd took pictures of the audit tabulator tapes and found that Hursti reopened the "election" and back-dated the results just like in DePerno's video.

Quick summary here: https://youtu.be/bHQA_7_djjc

Tell the judiciary chair she must write a report concerning the tabulator tape evidence found by Marilyn Todd. They can no longer ignore the building evidence. NH must have a forensic audit.

Judiciary Chair- Sharon Carson: 603-271-1403

Tell the Elections Laws Committee that they must subpoena all election materials and equipment in order to conduct a full forensic audit. The audit has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the machines can be easily manipulated. We now have evidence that the tabulator tapes can be falsified. The people demand a full forensic audit.

Elections Law Chair- James Gray: 603-271-3479

Tell the Senate President that he must support a full forensic audit of NH. We have undeniable proof that the machines and their tabulator tapes are entirely unreliable. The legislature cannot avoid the issue any longer. We must conduct a full forensic audit of NH.

Senate President- Chuck Morse: 603-271-3479


Contact the NH leadership!! https://populistrevolt.com/newhampshire/


  • Additional Info about the NH Tab Tapes from PorchLightOn (5/29)

Update about the tabulator tapes, photographed by Marilyn Todd at the Windham audit. Link to a post by in CannCon's Locals account: https://canncon.locals.com/post/714084/we-caught-them-red-handed-harri-hursti-and-the-nh-auditors-responded-to-my-tweet-this-morning-sa#gallery-post-714084

The Windham livestream shows Harri Hursti directing two workers to input the commands to the tabulator, as shown on the tapes, including zeroing out data and backdating to November 3 2020. So we know this is not something Hursti did by himself, or in secret.

In the WindhamNHAuditors twitter feed, Hursti said this today about backdating to November 3: "This is the proper way to test how the equipment performed on election day--which was our assignment by law. If the clock weren't reset, malware could tell it was being tested. Resetting the clock is proper procedure, as explained before, during, & after."

In the same twitter feed, CannCon asks Hursti if they were able to back up the contents of the tabulator's memory card before resetting it. Hursti's answer was: "As was explained in person and in the live feed, these machines are ancient. There’s no way to copy their memory w/o breaking the security seals, removing the card & EPROM, & inserting them into a special device—not an ordinary computer. There would be no way to prove that device did not alter the programming, so--as explained several times--first the retabulation of all ballots was done with the machines in as close as possible condition to the Nov election."

However, CannCon points out that if you go to 1:47:52 in the livestream he links to, you can hear the two workers saying that the machine is asking if they want to copy the card. Hursti says tells them no.

We don't know what Hursti erased.


  • Keep the Heat on Michigan (5/29)

Per Michigan Audit on Telegram:

Call Today, Call All Next Week. Leave Messages.

Let ‘em have it! You can cite directly from the Post-Election Audit Manual, Found here: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/sos/Post_Election_Audit_Manual_418482_7.pdf

OR from the Email Template write-up, Here: https://t.me/MichiganAudit/116

You can also reference Attorney Matt DePerno’s findings, all documents and filings can be found on his website: https://www.depernolaw.com/

Email template and phone numbers here: https://t.me/MichiganAudit/117


  • Michigan Lawsuit Fundraising Event with Mike Lindell on June 5th from 2-6pm (5/29)

Guests include: Mike Lindell, Matt DePerno, Bill Bailey, Patrick Colbeck, Dr. Doug Frank, Joe Flynn, and others

Learn more here: https://acconservatives.org/election-integrity-fundraiser-event-decision-day-come-hear-the-evidence-and-you-be-the-judge/


  • PA's Luzerne County District Attorney's office Will Investigate Dominion (5/29)

According to the GP:

A Luzerne County Council majority on Wednesday voted to appoint the county District Attorney’s office to investigate Dominion after the voting machines mislabeled Republican ballots in last week’s primary election.



  • Contact Liz If You Have Ballot Initiative Experience (5/29)

Liz thinks that the people of Arizona will have to go around the legislature to get true election reform. She believes that citizens will have to pursue a ballot proposition or initiative to get one day, no machines, no mail-in reform. If you have any experience writing ballot initiatives or ballot propositions, please contact Liz and let her know you'd like to help.


  • AZ Legislature Adjourned Until June 10th (5/29)

They are still deliberating budget. They plan on returning June 10th though they could return sooner.


  • Get Your Town's Tabulator Tapes (5/28)

File right to know requests to your town clerk for the town's tabulator tapes. In some places it's as simple as sending an email and stating that it is a right to know request. Marilyn Todd is checking into how it works in each state.

You can check these tapes to see if the riggers got sloppy (like Hursti) or see if you can find a pattern. For example, Tom Murray found that there is a repeating pattern of "broken" machines that will result in a similar percentage of overvotes that go all the way down the ticket. He then crosschecked and realized that the overvotes were causing the "broken" machine results to be the inverse of the normal machine results.


  • Recall Rusty Bowers (5/28)

You must live within his district (legislative district 25) to sign. However, you don't have to live in his district to collect signatures

Dates: May 29,30 and June 5,6,12,13

Time: 8am-8pm



  • Wisconsin Election Investigation (5/28)

According to the Wisconsin State Journal:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said he plans to hire the three retired officers to work in conjunction with an Assembly committee with investigatory powers that has already been formed to review the presidential election, despite Wisconsin election officials expressing confidence in the result. Vos said he wants the investigators to look into the thousands of complaints about the election lawmakers received after the November presidential contest.

While this is a step in the right direction and very appreciated, this is no substitute for an audit. The only definitive way to prove or disprove fraud is to actually review the ballots and election equipment. The people of Wisconsin want a full forensic audit and that's what they should get.

You can contact Wisconsin legislators here: https://populistrevolt.com/wisconsin/

Make sure to specifically email, certify mail, and call the election committee.


  • NH Hash Codes Don't Match (5/28)

A patriot in NH thinks they caught a glimpse of the hash codes on the machine screen while Hursti was working on one. This person believes that the two hashes he saw don't match. They are now going through their recordings to see if they caught the moment on video.


  • Sign This Petition Against Georgia's AG (5/23)

During an interview with Marcus Dee, Garland also recommended people sign this petition against the anti-audit AG of Georgia: https://www.gaconstitutionparty.org/sign_the_petition_chris_carr


  • Michigan Pedes, Sign & Send This Affidavit (5/25)

If you are not a resident you can help by calling and emailing using the info here:


Per Michigan Audit on Telegram:

CONTINUE THE FIGHT, FILL OUT AN AFFIDAVIT TO HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE AND DEMAND AN AUDIT. There is no magic answer (including this) but we need thousands to complete this process to turn the pressure WAY UP.

Attorney Matt DePerno put together this affidavit, LINK HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12E3oaizKL-vdkhnXB_oNbTZ3mtiJ2DVa/view

INSTRUCTIONS: READ AFFIDAVIT IN ITS ENTIRETY. Download, Print. Wait to sign until you are with a Notary Public -MUST BE NOTARIZED, complete. Make copies and Mail those Copies Via CERTIFIED MAIL to all RESPONDENTS listed on Pages 1 & 3-4 (MUST be sent by Cert. Mail; you can email in addition if you choose).

If you have any QUESTIONS, or if you would be willing to help this group and help others complete this process, CONTACT:

Tami Carlone, CPA

[email protected]


Michigan Republican Party Coalitions Vice Chair

Michigan Election Integrity Network Founder

You can find Michigan government officials’ contact info here: https://populistrevolt.com/michigan/


  • Georgians Sign and Share This Notice PART 2 (5/24)

Fill out both notices. Address one to each of your specific state representatives and senators. Scan and email them to the email adresses Kandiss has listed on her site. Then, mail them to the reps and senators you addressed them to.


You can find the notices here:


Kandiss gives an update and goes over the process here:


Additionally, you can email [email protected] for easy instructions on daily emails


  • Pennsylvania Legislators Blocking an Audit (5/21)

According to Toni Shuppe, these people are blocking an audit in PA:

Representative Kerry Benninghoff: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/member_information/house_bio.cfm?id=215

Senator Kim Ward: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/member_information/Senate_bio.cfm?id=1188

Senator Jake Corman: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/member_information/senate_bio.cfm?id=251

Urge them to get behind AuditTheVotePA and audit the 2020 election. The recent primary was an absolute disaster, and it is the legislature’s duty to provide a proper election where every legal vote counts. Use mail, emails, and phone calls to tell them that the people of Pennsylvania have no faith in their vote and legislators must find out what is going wrong. Even Democrats like Matthew Vough are calling for Luzerne County to end their contract with dominion after voters told him his name did not appear on their ballot.

You can find the rest of the legislature's contact info here: https://populistrevolt.com/pennsylvania/


If you want to help auditthevotepa, you can email them here:

[email protected]

Be sure to add your name and what county you are in.


  • AuditTheVotePA's Petition Over Half-Way to 100,000 Signatures (5/26)

Help them reach the full 100,000!

Here is their website: https://auditthevotepa.com/


  • Tell AZ Senate that the People Demand Routers and Passwords (5/27)

According to the Ken Bennett, the Senate doesn't plan to enforce their subpoenas: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/exclusive-az-audit-director-ken-bennett-havent-received-anything-maricopa-county-board-supervisors-refuses-cooperate-answer-az-senate/


The BOS should not be treated as a protected class of citizens just because they have personal ties to Senators.They must be held accountable. If the Senate allows the BOS to not comply with subpoenas, they are tacitly approving of the BOS' crimes. The Senate must take legal action now, so that the people of Arizona can fully trust the election process. If they are indeed responsible for destroying evidence and breaking chain of custody, we cannot allow them to tamper with the routers or hide passwords.

You can email and call all of the senators with the emails and numbers found here:




  • Freedom Meetup in North GA (5/25)

Per Georgia Election Audit Updates Chat on Telegram:

North Atlanta Freedom Meetup

Next week - Memorial Day Meeting will be in the Sandy Springs Square from 6:30pm-7:30pm

You can read more here:



  • Volunteer to Canvass and Hand Count at the Audit (Need Maricopa Residents) (5/14)

Liz and her group want to canvass as much of Arizona as possible. You can sign up here: http://itsmellsfunny.com/

They still need to fill hand counting positions. You will need to be a Maricopa resident to assist in hand counting. You can sign up here: https://fundtheaudit.com/volunteer/


  • RECALL Hobbs, Ducey, Hoffman, Boyer, Chucri Signing Locations | Deadline = June 7th (5/14)

Per Arizona Conservatives Take Action Telegram ( t.me/ArizonaConservatives )

Mon – Fri


AZ Alliance Main Office

10AM - 5PM

4225 W Glendale Ave, Suite E116, Phoenix 85051


Mon – Fri


Just off I-10 at Broadway curve


Every Saturday


8AM - 2PM

On Harrison Rd. at Golf Links South of the Light about 200 Yards from the Light

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