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BiteMeMarxist 49 points ago +50 / -1

I am close to eight people who had covid in the past 18 months including me... (I had it in OCTOBER 2019!!! YES! ALL THE SYMPTOMS AND STILL SUFFERING WITH A RHINOLITH.) None of us died.

I know 6 people who have had severe reactions to the vaccine -- and it's been only a few months.

I suspect the vaccine is the deadlier killer.

SpaceRat 14 points ago +27 / -13

I had an elderly family member die within 8 hours after getting the 2nd Phizer shot.

Lot of my coworkers and I (ages 20-30) got the Phizer. The symptoms vary significantly and we've noticed groups of people tend to react to one shot but not both. I was fine for the 1st, but was exhausted after the 2nd. Others reacted to the 1st, but nothing to the 2nd.

Also have a coworker who is related to someone that both parents died within a week after getting the final shot.

My wife and I split the risk. I risked the vaccine and she'll risk COVID, gotta have 1 of us around for our child.