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I live in a reddish part of Florida. Everybody minds their own business, even the libtards are pretty conservative.

Anyway, we have a family BBQ today, about 20 of us. Cousins, uncles, aunts, my brothers and a few family friends.

One of my cousins is a cop and he got into an argument with our uncle over police turning into tyrants.

No alcohol was served at this party so it wasn't some drunk tirade. My family is very health oriented and drinking is not common practice with us.

Cop cousin mentioned how he had to arrest and fine a soccer mom during covid because she refused to wear a mask outdoors. In his opinion, she just had to do what she was told. This caused my uncle to get very angry and start giving it to him.

I interjected and told my cop cousin that in our house we follow the constitution and not made up laws by tyrants and if he chooses to follow them, then he's not welcome there.

He got angry and fully went into his cop "you can't talk to me like that" mentality. Now he knows that I have been training MMA my entire life and that I would slaughter him if he stepped over the line. I told him his badge means jack shit on my property and that I would kick his ass now, and any other time we ran into each other.

He refused to leave. At that point he began getting very disrespectful and I was forced to physically remove him off the property. He was very upset about this. He is now banned from all family gatherings. He texted me an hour later begging me to come back.

This is the way these tyrants need to be treated. I will never ever be associated with another cop again in my life. Family or not. I have had it with them entirely.

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