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Chopblock 166 points ago +174 / -8

Firstly, the China Virus can be deadly, just like flu, in the sense that people die from it. And the early intelligence showed it was likely a biological weapon.

So an emergency declaration was in order. If he did nothing, he’d look like he was wrong — remember how they howled about him calling it the “Democrat’s next hoax”? — like every other attempt to destroy Trump, the CCP virus attack exploited avenues where the President is obligated to defer to some process or ‘expert’ recommendation, and he was under active threat of impeachment, purposefully timed to coincide with the outbreak. Even as managed to defeat that political trial they threatened another based on the very fake news ‘failure to take it seriously’ narrative they were pushing in the press.

Despite that, he constantly talked about opening up, therapies, herd immunity, etc. Remember the press reaction?!

The task of bringing an experimental vaccine to market is a remarkable achievement, if for no other reason than it stops the world from killing itself with mindless hysteria.

Making an experimental vaccine available is completely separate from the task of fully assessing the efficacy and safety of that vaccine, just as measures to make experimental treatments available to terminal patients certainly isn’t the same as rolling them out for everyone, much less forcing people to take them!

And there are other factors to consider:

  • With a vaccine in hand, further lockdowns are hard to justify— the left clearly wanted to leverage their emergency powers indefinitely into the future. And the lockdowns were an immediate health crisis and existential risk to national security.

  • A faster vaccine deployment limited the fuckery that the pharmaceutical snakes could engineer into it, and potentially exposes side effects faster, before everyone has been ‘marked by the beast’.

  • Clearing out a pathway to accomplish a task is not the same as doing the task correctly. Trump didn’t design the vaccine itself, and has no way of independently checking the expert’s claims. And he continually stressed therapeutic remedies as an alternative to vaccination. The tow truck driver isn’t responsible for the mechanic’s shitty work.

  • You can make a good case that Trump should have ‘forced’ the economy to open and declared mask mandates a civil rights violation. Barr’s rhetoric shows there was some discussion of doing this, but of course those bagpipes needed blowing! Trump’s legal pathway to accomplish this was unclear and he was probably advised that it would only extend the shutdowns if he tried.

  • Ultimately a populist President tries to deliver what the people demand — and people demanded a vaccine. That this was hysteria driven by a treasonous media’s lies is true, but that changes little. Trump tried to get opening by Easter, tried to deliver the therapeutic “magic pill” AND he clearly told us the media was an enemy of the people, but the sheeple spit all that back up like a dog’s medicine and made ‘vaccine availability’ the only win condition. So he delivered.

People act like it’s valid to complain ‘Why can’t Trump personally design and validate cures for this disease?!!

It’s not like he was too busy to learn emergency pulmonary medicine in between manufacturing and delivering new designs for medical equipment that doctors around the world said they needed immediately, getting tests that they said were critical designed and manufactured to replace the CDC’s failed ones, building and deploying field hospitals and ships to alleviate catastrophic stress that was predicted for hospitals, finding and calling attention to working therapeutic options, airlifting stranded Americans around the world back home, navigating the legal issues of state shutdown orders, mask mandates, and quarantines, combatting daily misinformation and panicmongering by fake news, getting emergency relief to critical industries and half a country forced out of work, and even battling through an outbreak attacking White House staff, Administration officials, and even his self and family!

He followed the constitution, appropriately letting governors and states sort it out for themselves first, and provided good counsel (‘back to normal by Easter’ and ‘I’m not a doctor but let’s take a look at these therapeutics) that we’re met with apoplectic reactionary hysteria, both in the press and by the public.

Given that reaction, he was justifiably hesitant to make the situation worse by declaring mask mandates and lockdowns a civil rights violation (and having Barr et al immediately override him, which would have had the effect of cementing their legality).

Should we cut him some slack because surrounded by traitorous vipers he couldn’t easily fire he was also fighting a biological attack, simultaneous mass riots, lying traitors at every level and branch of government, an impeachment and corrupt criminal probe, and a mob trying to burn down the White House while he also had to campaign to win an election by the getting the most votes of any president in history to have a large enough margin to prove massive fraud he rightly expected?

From soon after his 2016 win, Trump correctly realized that the thing he needed to demonstrate is that even our interagency failure machine could post wins if they actually cared about protecting American’s interests.

President Trump proved that America First policies work WITHOUT needing to use tyrannical government powers or gross unconstitutional overeach, and he did it even in the face of overwhelming opposition and great personal sacrifice.

He singlehandedly woke 75% of Americans up to the idea that all our institutions are corrupted, and forced them to reveal themselves, while also doing virtually everything possible to outmaneuver their plans AND overwhelmingly win another election (a huge achievement on its own without which we would have no real claim to take action). He even personally financed the research and effort to show you how they stole the election, and delivered the best realistic plan to win going forward.

Block_Helen 108 points ago +112 / -4

Great comment.

I don't love the vaccine but Trump didn't personally develop it and his job was to clear a path for it - which he did.

He absolutely tried to push therapeutics first, and look where that got him.

This statement is a miniature political masterpiece. He sticks it to Fauci and reminds everyone that the vaccine they're slobbering over is only available to them because of Trump.

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Retarddit_Refugee 11 points ago +12 / -1

The only problem is he's set himself up with ZERO outs if long term health issues start to develop in the mutant gene therapy victims. Think about it; if people start developing cancers and infertility problems around 2023 Trump goes down with the GOP ship for a decade or more. It may be politically smart in the short term, but the long term strategy by Trump is potentially castostrophic.

IG_Farben 8 points ago +12 / -4

Trump is only responsible for the vaccine being early not the vaccine ? itself.

NetscapeNavigator 4 points ago +4 / -0

Gambling on what medical concoctions they cooked up being safe in the long term is unquestionably the bet of the century.

We'd all best pray to God that Trump's brass balls and gut instinct are right again, because there's no turning back now. Politics be damned, there simply aren't enough "vaccine hesitant" people in the first world to save it if he's wrong.

pedepie 2 points ago +2 / -0

SunTzu, Trump allowed big med to quickly produce a lethal vaccine but somehow convinced mostly just his enemies to take it. War is hell.

TRUMP420KUSH 5 points ago +5 / -0

well said

anotherthing 9 points ago +9 / -0

Keep in mind, there's an email between Fauci and Zuckerberg from Feb 28th, 2020 saying that the vaccines should start phase 1 testing in April 2020, and take three to four months beyond that. This means Fauci knew the vaccine stuff would be ready by the election, but continued telling everyone two to three years at best. Given that he also didn't want to close travel to China seems to suggest to me that they wanted to spread this around early as much as possible and delay the vaccine until people were begging for it.

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MeloniaisMelons 22 points ago +22 / -0

Yup! And after he recovered he made the therapeutic he used widely available.

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Continue 21 points ago +21 / -0

He sticks it to Fauci and reminds everyone that the vaccine they're slobbering over is only available to them because of Trump.

Problem is 99% of the left will never see it, so they'll keep going along with their "Faucie ouchie." Unless people end up dying from the vaccine, all of a sudden then they will get their new programming that it's Trump's fault again.

Block_Helen 9 points ago +9 / -0

Yep, I've been anticipating it too. Trump gets none of the credit and all of the blame. Par for the course. I still don't see how he could have done differently, though. I mean alternate history is nice and all but because we know that Trump gets all of the blame and none of the credit, whatever else he could have done would have had the same result.

deleted 3 points ago +5 / -2
Block_Helen 2 points ago +2 / -0

which is not true at all.

I think the jury is still out on that. It looks to me, as much as I dislike the vaccine, that the majority is at least relieved that it's out there. Attributing his statement to merely "his ego" seems like an attempt at mindreading.

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War_Hamster 44 points ago +44 / -0

One possibility that I'd add is that the WEF's Great Reset game plan assumed 3 years of lockdowns to create the economic chaos that would have the people screaming for a new financial system.

Operation Warp Speed kept that from happening, and now there are cracks in their foundation.

RareVikingPepe 11 points ago +13 / -2

This. This here exactly.

247MAGA 10 points ago +10 / -0

still doing lockdowns in uk and aus, even with the shots- I think freedom-loving Patriots are ruining their plan, and they didn't expect us to reject their fear porn so quickly? Either way fuck the "vaccine"

DJTrump 1 point ago +1 / -0

How could they assume people would give up 3 years of their lives, their jobs, their savings accounts, etc. over a flu bug? That's a fairly stupid assumption.

LowKeyPede 4 points ago +4 / -0

Well the UBI, er.,I mean unemployment insurance, is helping keep people happy in lockdown blue states.

Block_Helen 9 points ago +9 / -0

Yes. You could tell from the rhetoric from the beginning that they planned for this to go on for a LONG time.

War_Hamster 3 points ago +4 / -1

This video agrees with you.


(This is pure gold)

Highspergamy 3 points ago +4 / -1

Well, if that is the plan they'll get us back to lockdown. I think Chopblock's comment is brilliant, but I'm not sure I buy all of it. His comment was an achievement like finding your way out of a super complicated picture book maze in short order. Didn't hit any logical dead ends.

The "Pandemic" was already beginning to dissipate when the vax was released. In fact, I'm not fully convinced it even existed much beyond as a glorified cold, a bunch of false positives from a shot in the dark testing system, and a rebranding of a portion of every major mortality contributor. With some of them they can even share bodies. The people that died of advanced heart disease, but with a positive covid test standing, (even if asymptomatic) almost certainly were counted on the morbid death count psyop. I almost guarantee that they will show up in the annual heart disease totals.

 Trump's administration 

didn't do anything to try and clarify for the people how everything was being tallied and the true toll the virus was taking.

Remember for months... almost half a year, they were letting people believe that you had somewhere between a 2% and 5% chance of dying if you tested positive.

I know a successful well to do liberal and a number of people under his influence were insisting the death rate was possibly as high as 25%, as they insisted on dividing the cases recovered # by the total deaths..

What do you know? As I had been insisting must be the case, the media quietly shifted the goal posts.

People talked for a couple of days about how they had finally clued in on the fact the were displaying a cfr an order of magnitude higher than reality.

Trump was just allowing them to spin up a yarn with lies and misdirections of all variety for us to accept or have our noses rubbed in daily.

All the while the Democrats were putting in place the election system they needed to win.

Trump sat there on defense for 3 years like a sitting duck. It was miraculous he survived the first 3 or 4 take down attempts, but you can't just sit there a target forever.

They will get you eventually. No effort of substance was made to turn the deepstate on defense and flush them out, at least away from their weaponized turrets.

Without Covid and the unconstitutional changes enacted to deal with the negligible risk of holding an election like all elections previously. They wouldn't have had a chance to to Trump's 75 million vote landslide.

Instead for months out from Nov they were acclimating the public that the election would result with Trump winning, and then losing... Woooo woooo woooo RED MIRAAAGE.

We needed a touch down 

and we were on the wrong side of midfield, either on 3rd or 4th down(pray it was 3rd). All the ball carriers were limping around in bad shape from flagrant attempts to inflict injury that the refs never called once.

Instead of coming up with a plan and picking a couple of routes so there would be at least a chance a receiver would come open downfield, somehow the play got snapped and no body was even making an effort to get downfield. So Trump was running around in the backfield dodging tackles until the inevitable happened on the 6th and he took a freaking sack.

Now our borders are being flooded we are about to experience inflation like I've never seen in my lifetime. The Democrats are printing up " wealth and saving sapping notes " and dispersing them willy nilly to their in group. Lumber is 5-10x too expensive, gas is headed to all time highs.

Every institution we had has turned into a comical farce, comical deadly farces.
Patriots are being hunted and ostracized from influence, if not imprisoned .

It was an impressive effort, but I think we're a long way from negotiating this L into a W.

War_Hamster 4 points ago +4 / -0

I agree with a lot here. I am looking forward to learning why I was able to figure out the real Covid risk statistics on my laptop early on, but nobody in DC could articulate the real risk.

I disagree with you here:

No effort of substance was made to turn the deepstate on defense and flush them out, at least away from their weaponized turrets.

We uncovered all of their RussiaGate antics, had a ton of declassification, and even got a real investigation from Durham. We've caught them red-handed. It's just that the system was even more corrupt than we thought and they managed to seemingly run out the clock.

I say seemingly, because I don't think that chapter is closed yet.

As for turning this into a W....there are still a number of things that could happen, but I'm acting as if we've got to un-f*ck this situation ourselves.

Highspergamy 5 points ago +5 / -0

I don't begrudge anyone holding out hope for a theory, no matter how optimistic, as long as they don't think it's all in the bag and their only role is popping corn and watching the show.

I invested so much time in Hillary's Homebrew server all the way through the first impeachment. I was working 10-12 hour days out of state for 3 years. I was doing my own thing, so I was listening to YouTube/Bitchute politics allllll day every day.

It beggars belief that it would all amount to nothing, but it seems like it has. People don't even talk about it As having any current relevance. It feels like water under the bridge.

When I said "no effort was made" I was referring more to action from the administration.

Devin Nunes and a few other Republicans did their part.

(*Chuck Grassley, I knew he was a weak old Republicans, but good Lord....the praise he heaped on Merrick Garland....maybe he was kissing his ass because he has legal exposure.)

Tom Fitton was always throwing a wet blanket on my justice boomerang dreams.

He figured out there was nothing 

going on at Huber's office. I don't even think they conducted an interview.

Then he started saying the same thing about Durham right as all the hype was building. He said there was almost no activity from Durham that he could tell. Not a single grand jury convened that any of his sources had noted.

I was really hoping he was wrong. 

Fitton also said that the Trump DOJ was no more responsive or helpful than Obama's...in fact he said that Trump's DOJ was possibly worse than Obama's.

The House Republicans and Judicial Watch handed the Administration the RussiaGate conspirators on a silver platter.

Trump's Departments had all that. They had Jeffery Epstein dead to rights, and then they just had him dead, maybe. They probably had confirmation that Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source. They've had Ghislaine Maxwell. Trump's FBI and DOJ had the Hunter Biden laptop with not only Clear evidence of prospective first family criminal degeneracy. And clear cut graft schemes involving the candidate himself.

 And nothing has come of any of it.
 That's why I chose to frame it as 
  No effort of substance was made.

We, the base and the Republicans trying To be responsive to our wishes, and the ones manning their positions as best they can, deserve an A for effort.

We held in there for years under 

one exhausting propaganda campaign after another.

All the inaction was coming from places directly under the chain of command of "The Big Guy".

DJTrump 2 points ago +2 / -0

This "W" people are hoping for is succeeding in keeping them from getting 100% of what they want, and holding them to 40%. Anything above 0% is a "L."

madly_aloof 3 points ago +3 / -0

How did Operation Warp Speed put cracks in the Great Reset and what are these cracks?

War_Hamster 4 points ago +4 / -0

The Great Reset plan required 3 years of lockdowns. They didn't get that, and people aren't going to let them try it again.

Look at how the Covid origin theory is blowing up. That's a crack.

There's many more cracks, as the Dems power grab is failing on many levels. These audits have meat on the bones, and the 2022 midterms are going to be a blowout.

I think they've failed, but will go down fighting.

Axiom502 10 points ago +11 / -1

Very great comment

dixond 6 points ago +8 / -2

Thanks Chop, this is easily the best comment ever posted on pdw.

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Ocineaa 4 points ago +5 / -1

Nice post frien