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MikeTheAngel 132 points ago +136 / -4

Heh, you just started to realize?

deleted 64 points ago +98 / -34
Aambrick 16 points ago +23 / -7

Ok. Do you have a solution besides going the break up route, violent route, or coward route?

If there is to be change then force will be necessary, but to many will be to scared to use it or even be going along with the idea of it. The other route is strengthening the core area around them to build up. That is the only solution available to those that don't want to fight.

Rocks_vs_Uzis 2 points ago +2 / -0

We don't have to change anything, just ignore the central government and let it all collapse. States are already forming economic and political pacts with one another. Wait until alternative regional currencies start cropping up. The USA is dead. Good.