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See UPDATE at bottom.

Here is the video that was downloaded and processed,

Three batches were extracted of video frames of hex data were captured, processed and OCRed. Then blocks of the data stream were decoded from hex. My dumps represent almost 640,000 characters captured from screen.

It is just a database query with names and addresses in the Philadelphia PA area. It is not a 'pcap' dump or even a network data capture. It is not encrypted as they claim or even of forensic value. Nothing about this implicates bad actors or foreign addresses. It is a fake stream put on 'for show'.

And they deliberately hid the right side of the hex dump off the screen because it probably contained a displayable ASCII representation of the data, that may have uncovered the ruse.

*THIS*, in Mike latest and boldest Supreme Court Video with its highest stakes. To think Mike would deliberately consent to have fake data shown in his video presentation is unlikely, This is a wrong they are doing to him. To hear them so casually LIE and MISREPRESENT the data to Mike, who is convinced that he is looking at the objective of his months of Herculean effort, is ALARMING. Is Mike being grifted by these people? Are they even in possession of what they claim?

Batch B01 starting at 2:26

Lindell 9-0 video @2:26 data on screen B01-03-hexdump.txt

Lindell 9-0 video @2:26 data on screen B01-04-strings.txt

(Batch B02 was abandoned)

Batch B03 starting at 4:25

Lindell 9-0 video @4:25 data on screen B03-03-hexdump.txt

Lindell 9-0 video @4:25 data on screen B03-04-strings.txt

Batch B04 starting at 6:05

Lindell 9-0 video @6:05 data on screen B04-03-hexdump-480k.txt

Lindell 9-0 video @6:05 data on screen B04-04-strings.txt

Don't know what to say. I'll just leave this here.

UPDATE: Mike Lindell is a wash. It seems while I was doing all this work and giving Mike the benefit of a doubt by planting the suspicion on the cyber-punks as grifters, Mike has emerged as the actual grifter who knowingly lied to YOU and I about what was on the screen. He has compounded the lie with what I call a grifter's counteroffer, a lame excuse for withholding the information giving another promise that blatantly deceiving you was 'just' In an email to these people he wrote on June 7,

"I have the actual election pcaps but for security we did not put them in the video.... we are doing a complete cyber event for all cyber experts and cyber companies to come to see for themselves and everyone will 100% validate the election crimes .... It has all been validated by many white hat hackers and other cyber companies but I want to get everyone on board before the Supreme Court..."

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ChikfilaFan 6 points ago +7 / -1

While this is sad- because I was fairly persuaded(confirmation bias at work), I appreciate that you shared the info

Even if it were legit though, I'm not sure why Lindell is convinced the court would do anything. After seeing all the election cases they rejected for lack of standing I think it's clear the courts lack cajones to do anything.

I think the audits and voter integrity laws being passed or pushed are great news though.

& Trump still won. Yuge.

gunteh 3 points ago +3 / -0

I don't think we can completely dismiss evidence that hasn't been presented (and scrutinized) in court.

I say wait for the court to hear it (especially seeing how this is a lawsuit between two private parties, so the chances of the court refusing to hear it is very slim if non-existent).

I have yet to hear a single case where a court refused to hear a civil lawsuit, regardless of how frivolous it was, but maybe I could be wrong.

HocusLocus [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Yes but with the Supreme they seem to have privileges like the "no standing" we all know, but also if dismissed by a circuit court they can refuse a petition for certiorari without giving any reason.

There was another Supreme Court Dereliction of Constitutional Duty on October 9, 2012 when they refused to hear the arguments of Heptig vs AT&T -- actually Heptig vs NSA, a landmark case whose failure may have been the tipping point of the Republic and the first victory for Orwell's Ministry of Surveillance. Mark Klein was a courageous AT&T technician who documented a special 'Secure SG3 room' in San Francisco now known as Room 641A in which NSA fiber taps -- and unlawful spying on Americans -- was taking place. One facility of many. His lawyers decided on the clever angle to go after AT&T itself, for their technicians were colluding with NSA to commit a crime.

The NSA's ass puckering and ass grabbing was so severe as this case ascended through the courts, that a clause indemnifying AT&T for this activity 'retroactively' was tossed into Federal legislation while the case was in progress, and a 'corrupt' judge cited this legislation though it had been enacted after the lawsuit was filed. And in the final travesty the Supreme Court refused the appeal.

And warrantless wiretapping got the stamp of approval. Your voice on the phone is now in their pocket. End to end encryption is now our last personal defense of privacy and free association.