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Might have something to do with 2.1 million ballots certified by AZ SoS but only 1.9xx million actually exist. And Trump lost all of Arizona by 10k?

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oh, so we don't need to fraudulently fill out ballots, or have dead people vote, we just have to misplace the amount we need to win -- STILL AN ELECTION FRAUD CRIME!

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I think the report will show a dozen variations of the fraud. I have family working there. I get the stories daily. Like a sealed ballot box with "100 ballots" as contents on the label. Break the seal, open the box, 15 ballots. Open a sealed box and the box is full of ballots on colored paper instead of white. I could go on and on. However, the big thing to me at the moment is that the vote was certified at just under 2.1M ballots and there are only around 1.9M. That is not a small discrepancy.