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I'm in a small town in Fl. What's covid?

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Most people in England are completely brainwashed. Mask mandates in law and in stores, people willingly social distancing, 99.99% of businesses following the "rules"

Ironically, its the usual louts and troublemakers of society that aren't following it. The quicker people wake up, the better

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hillaryforprison 1 point ago +2 / -1

Saw a guy walking alone with no one within eyesight in the 100 degree sun wearing a mask. "science"

Epicsoundwaves 6 points ago +6 / -0

People are shocked that I, in LA county CA have been maskless since mid May.

Take off your fucking masks y'all. It's craziness. You know how many people have told me how brave I am? Do you know the rush of euphoria I feel walking into fucking Target without a mask? You k ow how happy that shit makes me? I can't help but smile. And I'm glad. People need to know how happy and freeing it is to not comply with bullshit rules. I love being a pretty 25 year old maskless female, I always make sure I'm extra nice when I'm not wearing it.

Our fucking governor won't even listen to the CDC and now we know who the absolute idiots are who listen to Newsom over the CDC. They are labeled in my book as the people I'm throwing under the bus first if shit gets real again. Fuck them. They're the reason millions have died from not covid. Stop saying you're for the science when you would rather listen to a recalled governor than the CDC.

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I'm in Florida and I've been discriminated against for not wear a mask at the doctor's office (last month) and the post office (this happened today). Both places denied me service. Unfortunately the illegal mask mandates still exist in Florida. I'm in Palm Beach County though, so maybe that's why I've had it worse.

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Why does it seem like fake doctor, Jill Biden takes part in everything sleepy Joe does? I can’t remember a First Lady ever being this involved.

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Biden is a stage 4 heading to 5 dementia patient , he on the verge of doing and saying things that would embarras the hell out of the DNC pedos.

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I bet he flings turds within 6 months.

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Too late!

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Doctors are necessary to dispense the meds and change the depends.

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She is his handler.

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They're laughing at us all.

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They all fucking know it's bullshit. All of them. They're playing us.

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Thank goodness for Governors like DeSantis who sees through all the bullshit.

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It's all a joke.

Covid, wear mas, they don't. Inclusive, balanced global economy and they are the ones behind the most unbalanced economy ever and inclusive poverty.

Climate change, while they keep traveling, using tens of cars, big houses sucking more energy, extravagant meals...

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Trudeau the drama teacher, Macron the teachers pet, Joe Biden the groping pedo, the appointed Queen of Imperialism who was never elected. The diversity of races & "democracy" so on... the left "truly believes its moral principles" 9_9

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Looking at Biden getting pushed around by Macron is pathetic. I just know that President Trump would have lightly patted Macron's face to make fun of his getting bitch-slapped days ago. Ah, to have a duly-elected President again...

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Maybe they are just in FL, we havent had covid here for like a year now.

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The back of Joe bidens head pisses me off. It's so flat and creepy

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Why is Canada in the G7? India, Italy and Brazil all have economies bigger than Canada.

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Trudy sucks globo dick.

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It’s Castro.

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But...but... they wuz tested and vaxxed, guys. S'all okay!

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Freedom is the ability to do what you want.

The Swamp sits in its own walled in Capitol Hill,

leaves us to do whatever the fuck we want.

Then says we have no freedom.

Like sending the kid to their room in 2021, thinking its the 1900's, and its absolutely boring as shit in your room.

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Is this a fag wedding?

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If you look closely, you can see a pink hand-sized print on Macron's nose

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Most of Europe, especially these internationalists in the G7, still have restrictions as bad as San Francisco and Oregon on their entire countries. Canada just arrested the leader of a small conservative party for touring the anti-lockdown rallies.

Watching these arrogant clowns pal around and be pompous is only going to piss off the people they Lord over even more.

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I love how everyone is talking and stuff and Justin Trudeau is just standing there staring at his finger "Duurrrr...I have a finger"...

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Not revealed until the prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,


the reaping day for the Hunger Games is July 4th.

Hunger Games / Katniss volunteers:

https://youtu.be/v98Rh9qzmPs?t=105 (timestamp, watch 5 seconds)

"And that is how a revolution is born."

Too bad the actor that played the spark that caught fire is now playing this role:

https://youtu.be/QnB34NSY4W0 (1 min, 10 sec)

Orson Welles narrates Plato's The Allegory of the Cave (1972)

https://youtu.be/QFi8JUIwu2s (9 min, 24 sec)

It is very dark at the bottom of the cave.

Hoping Jennifer Lawrence can find her way into the light.

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If there was ever a reason for a tactical nuke strike.